Logistical or logical?
Can’t figure out the point
Of being a man.

Am I supposed to be tough
Or is it better that I’m sensitive?
Man’s man or girly man?

Does it really matter?
Is there any point to figuring it out?
Just be, man.

It’s a running joke
That when a guy does something
Some of us might consider feminine
A dude will say,
“Give us your man card.”

In these times of long overdue sensitivity
To the expansion of what it means to be a man
There might be a lesson from the past
On how men should act
To preserve their standing.

When bellbottoms and Nixon were still around
A group of men
Held a conference to raise consciousness
Of what it meant
To be a man.

They wanted to explore
Why men can’t experience
The same feelings as woman
Or share whatever kind of intimacy
With another man, both being on the same page, of course.

Too bad they needed a conference for that.
Who cares about that stuff
As long as no one is getting hurt?
Are men not men if they can’t
Think like a woman or have a relationship with a man?

It’s a shame things were that way
Now it seems like times have flipped.
My friend opines about golf clubs and bars of old
Where it was a bunch of dudes
Shielded from the world of estrogen.

He is going crazy with bathroom reorganizations,
Political correctness, and watching sports with his wife.
I think he would benefit
From a conference
With men learning how to not be men.

Then he could crash the hallowed grounds
Of women, wherever they are, and
Accept the changing social ambiguity
With a manly shaking of tolerating hands
With those who grew from the conference forty years ago.

I’m just saying
He needs to be more understanding,
Less shackled to a threatened ego, more accepting and all.
Besides, those guys didn’t know what it meant to be a man.
I mean, why should he be different?


WANTED: Woman to do ironing.
$1.00 per hour. Call Huntley 5621
or Crystal Lake 998.

Young Man…

WANTED: Mom to keep doing
laundry. Nothing extra for her.
After all, “its a woman’s job.”


WANTED: Protection for
first born. Unaware of the cost
for making such a statement.

Too late…

WANTED: Watch with
app to stop time. Will pay…
So I have time to flee.

Really though, who irons anymore?…

Classifieds from 1960
Echoing through youth in 2016,
Be mindful young men, things have changed.