Sure was nice blowing this day off
An easy lift, no running, no work,
Just a whole bunch of football.

I know days should not be wasted
We only have a finite number of them,
But it felt right.

Turning off the television,
Well, only the sound,
Keeps me from hearing the drivel,
And lets me imagine what they are saying,
Not really,
Because I don’t care,
Run to the right, protect the quarterback,
By this product, the halftime show,
Yada, yada, yada.
It’s always the same,
Every Super Bowl is what it is,
Boring, gratuitous, less than the hype
Way better with the sound off…

It’s Philly, yo
Hosting a big ass party
That doubles as the NFL draft.

I’ve been here more than half my life
Choosing to adopt most of the style
That is the Philadelphia way.

I love the grit,
The honesty,
The take us as we are or just go away.

I dig when it’s hot
People find a way to watch TV in comfort,
Taking their sets onto the porch to catch a breeze.

So tonight as I live the high life
With mellow beats playing,
I sit on my porch looking inside to the tube.

I’m relaxed, no mosquitos yet,
And I’m chilled after a day in the sun.
Feel the love, brother!


Watching an art show
About Philadelphia
While gearing up for my
First Eagles game.

What a life
Full of complexity and extremes
The subtle bullying arrogance of the arts
With the not so subtle bullying of sports.
I drift from pole to pole
Loving the thought stimulated by both.

PBS has shown the hidden beauty of Philly.
Now let’s hope I don’t get bloodied
By the mob at the LINC.

I love this city!

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