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Kind of easy today.
The hot pad on my hip calls,
I don’t mind,
Therapeutic trash talk being good for the soul.
Back at it tomorrow.

The other day another youthful fantasy
Got destroyed
When a sitcom siren was reportedly involved
In a naked knife-wielding domestic dispute.

Not sure who was supposed to be naked,
But either way,
It kind of killed the memory
Of what she brought to the table.

So with the gossipy news
Taking away the salacious thoughts
I was left with morning conversations
With the coolest old heads I know.

We ran through the dark,
Comparing food choices
That increasing include fewer bouts with sugar
And greater experimentation with lifestyle changes.

When cruised into the morning
Listening to a hoodied meathead
Grunt over creaking knees
As they provided a porn soundtrack to simple leg extensions.

We gathered at the watering hole
A table at the Y where swill coffee goes down
Better than the reality of whatever happens
During a shutdown week.

Farts on planes,
Attempts to move the burning air,
Recirculating an old friend’s Army story of
Clearing back blast areas.

Just another Friday with my mates…

Sitting at a big box guitar store after
Housing a mushroom omelette,
Two pancakes with home fries, and
Enough coffee to make
Hoover Dam operate at full capacity
As DMB plays over satellite radio
And all I can think about
Is running later
To relieve my gut of the burden of
Carrying the gross amount of food
I just ingested.
I’ll run lightly, like fluffy pancakes,
Probably burping or farting the Whole time,
But happy in the expressions of Wafting gasses that
Suggest scents from Columbia,
Tempered by the weight of guilt,
Understood to be just another meal,
Energy for the run, life’s run,
The one to be enjoyed.

By my standards,
The water was slippery today.
I’d brag if I had done something,
But the truth is modesty
Should be a bigger part of egos.
If only the same could be realized
In places like, well, everywhere.
So I’ll keep my swim low key,
Right where it should be
As rocks very nearly move faster
Than I do.

person swimming on body of water
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Finding the balance,
Arms churning,
Water laughing,
Lungs complaining,
And all I want
Is to slide across the pool
Barely leaving a wake,
Not filling up with doubt,
Blowing away the bad air.

There were moments
When it happened,
Maybe for half a length,
I could feel the water,
Sensing its shenanigans,
Rolling away from the frustration,
Taking in those Hofian breaths
All as I journeyed to
Find my balance.