By my standards,
The water was slippery today.
I’d brag if I had done something,
But the truth is modesty
Should be a bigger part of egos.
If only the same could be realized
In places like, well, everywhere.
So I’ll keep my swim low key,
Right where it should be
As rocks very nearly move faster
Than I do.

person swimming on body of water
Photo by mali maeder on

Finding the balance,
Arms churning,
Water laughing,
Lungs complaining,
And all I want
Is to slide across the pool
Barely leaving a wake,
Not filling up with doubt,
Blowing away the bad air.

There were moments
When it happened,
Maybe for half a length,
I could feel the water,
Sensing its shenanigans,
Rolling away from the frustration,
Taking in those Hofian breaths
All as I journeyed to
Find my balance.

Come on, kid
Wrist curls on a preacher bench?
Do you think you’re private area will stand up?

I’m mean, the way you are staring at yourself
While you do that bullshit exercise
And command all the space has got to be getting you off.

How about you take your little dumbbells,
Find a place to be alone, and
Stare at your phone while you do your little wrist curls?

At least if you took your hard work over there,
Maybe some other people could actually use that bench,

Knowing when it’s good,
The feeling of accomplishment,
Storied moments elusive and fleeting
When age couples with disinterest,
Knowing when it’s good,
A welcome relief.

Charging up a hill after weeks of patience,
Reckless, bolstered with determination
Unbound by the constraints
Of doubt, worry, responsibility
Just letting it fly,
The motor running hot,
Stupidity carrying the day.

The order of things doesn’t matter,
Whether avoiding Satanic graffiti,
Stories of broken hearts, or just hoping
To keep up with the fleetest of the group
It did not matter,
It was good,
It was the beginning of something new.