Perspectives: 201/365

Jack Dean (Finance, Eight Bars Parent)

As you know,
I’d rather be golfing,
But my son
Has me caught up in defending him
While making sure
I am true to my friends, too.

This sucks,
Being pulled in two different directions,
The father-son bond unbreakable,
The tribal connections to other parents,
Showing my weakness for “show.”
I wish I could just tee one up, right now.

Perspectives: 200/365

Jeffrey Holmes (Anesthesiologist, Music Friends of Sports)

Take a deep breath,
Start counting.

That’s it.

Perspectives: 199/365

Mark Dawson (Mushroom Grower, Eight Bars Parent)

Some of us
What to grow weed.

Too controversial for me…

Truth is,
I don’t really care about this sports thing.

Too ridiculous for me…

Maybe we should,
Grow vegetable inside.

I’ll make that suggestion.

Perspectives: 198/365

Horace Taylor (Florist, Music Friends of Sports)

My resolve to keep quiet,
My patience with the stupidity,
My understanding of my daughter,

Perspectives: 197/365

Scott Thomson (General Practitioner, Eight Bars Parent)

I’ve checked out,
My new office is great.
The patients have adjusted and
It’s been good for my wife’s yoga studio.
Some of my patients
Have joined her classes, so we are getting
Paid twice.

The business of medicine…

Perspectives: 196/365

Sam Brown (Sales, Music Friends of Sports)

It looks like everyone is getting nothing.
The kids are doing what kids do,
They don’t know what they are doing,
They have no idea the ripples that will form
Because they have taken a stand.
This is not how things are supposed to work.

Perspectives: 195/365

Mark Watts (Former Athlete, Eight Bars Parent)

What is Cole thinking?
He’ll never get a scholarship by not playing.
Colleges will see him as a problem
Even if they want him and they’ll stay away.

If only the district had hired good coaches
From the start, we would be in this situation.
I blame them.

Perspectives: 194/365

Ruby Brown (Coffee Shop Owner, Music Friends of Sports)

These kids are great for business,
Since they aren’t going to practice,
They are coming to my shop.

This couldn’t be working out for me better.
Good riddance after-school activities.
I’m loving this!

Perspectives: 193/365

Grace Watts (School Aide, Eight Bars Parent)

I’ve been telling everyone
That those Taylorville kids were bad news.
They think they can game the system.
They are all malcontents.
They get what they deserve.

Perspectives: 192/365

Emily Dawson (Working Mom, Eight Bars Parent)

I’ve kind of lost the energy for this fight.
Have sports or don’t.
Have music or don’t.
Just leave me out of it.
My shift just got changed.
Now I need to find daycare.