Thirty Days

The last thirty days
Took a toll on me.
Running, push-ups, sit-ups
Over and over again,
Rep after rep
Until the pounds started sliding off,
The shoulders started knotting up,
And the sleep started crusting to my eyes.

It was great!

There is something about testing limits,
Not the kind my students do,
But finding out if I can still rise to a challenge,
To conquer doubt, gravity, or naysayers,
Not so much in a single bound, but
With grit, resilience, and persistence.
Throw in some stupidity, competitive fire, and stubbornness
And a great thirty days are made.

A Morning Run

They run in the morning darkness
Just bouncing flashes of light
Too far ahead for me to hear
What they are talking about.

I feel like I’m climbing Everest
On that final push in the dark
Where I’m locked into every step and
Imprisoned within my thoughts of finishing.

I’m running without a light,
Counting on my night vision and
The contours of the road to guide me safely.
Both adding to the thrill.

For I’m chasing the pack,
And running with fear about those behind catching me,
The oxygen feels thinner, my lungs and legs ache,
My hands are getting cold, and I’m alive

Because I am testing myself,
Four weeks into this level of running and
The changes are beginning to happen,
I’m starting to believe again.

The believing
Is charging the batteries of my competitive self
That have truly lit my way in life,
Maybe covering for a lack of talent or smarts,

But always keeping me in the game and
Feeling like I might have a chance.
As the lights pass beyond where the darkness lets them be seen,
They disappear. I know that someday I will catch them.



Running without stress
Kinetic freedom striding
Goals getting checked off


Photo Credit: By Kyle Cassidy (Email) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

After the Mad Dog Seven

Intermittent fasting,
Taking leave of gluttony, but
This morning’s run
Sucked all my commitment away.
The doldrums set in,
The malaise took effect,
Finally, I could stand it no more.
Two donuts broke my fast,
Momentarily, I felt better.
Now I’m wanting more.

X-Fit Mentality Haiku


Digging into the depths
Doubting with each new level
Such a great feeling


Photo Credit: By Senior Airman Dennis Sloan, Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

5,000 Each Leg?

Lunging not the way
Sedentary, not good either
A choice to be made
To live static, stuck in place
Or dynamic and lunging




Old songs
In new playlists
Helps make
Running enjoyable.

Bright sun
Bolstered by heavy air
Helps make
Suffering of running.

Sun and songs
Together motivators
Helping to make

Training Again. Why?

Beginning is hard
Father and daughter running
Future suffering

(8) Just Me Marathon: Not Thinking (4/7)

“I challenge myself to stop comparing what I learn to the past.” Scott Belsky

“What did you think about?”

I thought about that question
The better answer being,
“I don’t know.”

Minutes, hours, laps
Who knows what I thought about while running.
Breathe, relax, slow down
Were the only regular thoughts I remember.

Somewhere I heard about an ultra marathoner
Who meditates while he runs.
It would have been cool to believe that’s what I was doing
Since I have nothing better to claim about my mental state while running.

Maybe that is life
Better not to think,
To just go on being.