Thank goodness for Viking shows,
High grade 90s B-movies, and
Sam the Cooking Guy on YouTube
Because I think with their heroic efforts
And with some outdoor running,
Time away from work, and
Stupid exercising on my part,
A fog is lifting,
The haze that has been November is lifting,
Things are getting better,
No alcohol to help,
No ranting, raving, or regurgitation,
Just some simple patience,
Good food for the body, and
More than a little looking into my dog’s eyes
To see things his way,
Wisely, and knowing
That dinner is just around the corner.

What happened today?
Where did the lethargic me go?
How did it happen?
Was it a switch from auditory to visual?
Did endorphins act like psychedelics?
How did it go down?
The lack of tired,
The craving of melt in your mouth candies,
The impatience of words to leave my fingers…
It makes no sense,
Ideas and energy building from one moment to the next
Darting and dashing through a mental freeway
Cleared of gaper delays, slow rides, and mechanical failures
By the stay at home orders and something else,
Something felt,
Something wanted,
Something in the air.

Not up for this stuff this morning,
Sore, tired, grumpy,
The heated seat has its hold,
My friends just ran into the dark,
Sanity soothes on the radio,
And I’ve got nine minutes until
I slip into the cold wet
Of a swimming pool
To go all otter back and forth
Sucking wind and butching to myself
The whole time.
It’s quite a surprise I’m even here,
A man my age, with this energy level
Should be sleeping,
But I’m here,
Lack of everything and all.

Get it done.

close up view of plasma
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Energy flows,
Shared by the cosmos,
Given to others,
Borrowed from nature,
From one form to another,
Neither created,
Nor destroyed,
Just there,
To be molded into function,
Or just.
Then released,
Back to the community
For it’s next purpose.


What do I do with this energy
That goes unused and brings
More static than I can handle?

What do I do with this purpose
That has no intention
Of ever being used?

What do I do with this restlessness
That gives into dream
Of far away adventure?

What to do…


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