Blunt doesn’t work these days,
It’s often described as rude,
Mean spirited, unnecessary,
I suppose for some it is that way
And once a message is out,
It’s intention is determined by others.

I stand with bluntness,
Never one to fear words,
Although, I’ve lost my ability to distinguish
Between most of what is considered appropriate,
Inappropriate, or over the blunt line.
I just don’t know anymore.

I don’t want to talk,
Afraid of who might be offended,
Who might want to take something I said
To a higher power,
Make me accountable for something,

I’m constantly weighing the effort required
To have an opinion,
To interject humor,
To get to the root of an issue,
To offer a compliment,
To be social.

Because I have a knack of saying things that aren’t blunt, only
Full of controversial opinions,
Unfunny to some,
Maybe too accurate in their descriptions,
Worthless in kindness,

Welcome to the new humanity,
Where rockets, bombs, and shutdown culture
Drop like mics from “hit it and quit it” entertainment,
Where the opportunities to insult
Bloom like dandelions on cheap golf courses,
Where talk exceeds my social capital.