Remember when age was supposed to be full of wisdom. The idea that life experiences help people make wise decisions has been accepted throughout history. Tonight another old and supposedly wise person started shooting rockets into the sky. He was avenging the death of his boy at the hands of another country. The trigger happy leader will cost many people their lives, just the same as the equally egotistical leader who started the mess by ordering the initial hit. Anymore wars are eternal pissing contests that never end. When will people learn that ego exposes their worst? I’m guessing never.

Cool breezes blew tonight,
Normally a sign for friendly gathering,
But on this summer respite
Hot airs blew over plastic grass.
Sometimes tradewinds blow unexpectedly,
For some, things are just stalled.

By my standards,
The water was slippery today.
I’d brag if I had done something,
But the truth is modesty
Should be a bigger part of egos.
If only the same could be realized
In places like, well, everywhere.
So I’ll keep my swim low key,
Right where it should be
As rocks very nearly move faster
Than I do.

“It seemed to exist only to maintain itself.” Joan Didion

Decisions are hard to make
Especially when feelings, egos, and basketball are concerned.
There’s enough alpha in these guys that they think,
Just maybe, they might become LeBron or Stephen,
So it hurts when they hear something different.

I learned coaching girls earlier this year
That there is something more to games than
Winning or losing and the sports are not coached,
People are.
That’s what makes a day like to today so difficult.

Hopefully, the guys not making the team
Understand the reasons why; we talked.
Hopefully, they will take on the next step of their journeys
With basketball in mind and resilience overriding
A temporary set back.

Ego is a heavy suitcase to carry.
Reputation is nothing but a ball and chain.
Escaping the clutches of either
Requires knowing that to become unburdened
Is to give up control.


All of it…

Ego is a burden because it distorts,
Bending perceptions like overly ripe bananas
That sway out of the peel,
Full of suggestion, a temptation to weaker minds.

Reputation is a drag because it shackles,
Leaving a soul stuck in opinion
Where the judge and jury are governing over
Perspective, misconception, and thinking set in mortar.

Together, ego and reputation form “ER,”
The universal sound of frustration.
Both must be jettisoned,
Pushed far away from our reach
If “WE” are ever to reach our full potential.

Quotes are taken from “The Fifth Discipline,” by Peter Senge.


“You can have your cake and eat it too—but not at once…”

Power gets things done
Ego thrives from power’s seed
Separate beds, please


“Dividing an elephant in half does not produce two small elephants…”

Politicians know
Ideology divides
Duels end badly


“There is no blame…”

Meaningless voting
Trees pushed over by high winds
Sometimes things happen

All quotes are from, “The Fifth Discipline,” by Peter Senge.


“The cure can be worse than the disease…”

Like yearly flu shots
Voting inoculations
Don’t protect us well


“Faster is slower…”

Right time to get there?
Neither quickly nor “slothly”
Be there when it’s time


“Cause and effect are not closely related in time and space…”

Trees stand forever
Until their insides give way
Rot doing them in


“Small changes can produce big results—but areas of the highest leverage are often the least obvious…”

Leaders, look within
Decide while understanding
Ego is second

Quotes are taken from “The Fifth Discipline,” by Peter Senge.


“Today’s problems come from yesterday’s solutions…”

Obama was hope
The latest to lead us back
Look what that got us


“The harder you push the harder the system pushes back…”

Sure straw will give in
Right before the camel’s back.
Chaos does both in


“Behavior grows better before it gets worse…”

Keeping makeup on
Presents emperors as nice
He can change quickly


“The easy way out usually leads back in…”

Simple stays simple,
Eyes focused stay bright and clear.
Washington, D.C.?