I am too tired to write
My mind is dull from staring a a computer screen all day
It’s barely 7:30 (not even) and I’m ready for bed
Teeth brushed,
Bladder drained,
Covers tucked back,
I will sleep through this night
I won’t even know I’m here
My mind will be gone
Tripping on its own endorphins
With dreams of fancy
Hopes of being digital free

Free of the logarithms
Free of the advertising
Free of the blue light
Free of that kryptonite feeling

They are spreading an ultraviolent brain busting pixie dust on my forehead. All day on a computer, talking to initials, not faces
has me losing my IQ, common sense,
my verve, the Quaker light.

I ask them to turn on their screens, to participate in discussions,
but they only take…lectures, breaks, naps. It’s dulling, mind deadening, frustrating…

The new normal…

My colleague described virtual learning this way,

“It’s like someone is reaching into my head and pulling my brain out.”

This morning, I’d agree,
I think the honeymoon is over,
The kids are mopey,
My energy is sapped,
The enthusiasm is waning,

My brain is getting yanked,
Both of them.

My friend says, “rebel.”

I’m not sure if he means that I’m from the south or
That I’ve got an oppositional streak within.

Professional learning communities are not about learning.
They are about control and compliance.
They are about power and order.
The are instructions from a model airplane kit,
The rules to a board game.

Have we not learned about the next greatest programming trend,
The consequences of a single-minded, unchallenged leadership?
Do we understand that people are complex systems and
That those systems are uniquely suited to deal with
Equally complex systems?
Have we figured out how frameworks are useful insofar as
The recognition that they are not absolute in the practicality
For no situation can be completely controlled.

Come now, leaders. See your blindspots,
Open your minds to true collaboration
Where the warts of your organizations are exposed,
Where the fallacy of your thinking shown,
Where the ego in your position is recognized.

“Professional” suggests competency. Trust us.
“Learning” is messy. Rid us of cookie cutter approaches.
“Community” suggests diversity which will not exist when we are all the same.

PLCs are anything but what the monicker suggests.

They are HOAs, stepford through and through,
They are over-regulation,
Consolidation of power,
A denial of ingenuity, creativity, and true human spirit.

Call me a rebel. You got that right…

One week down,
Virtual learning being a thing and all
I have to say it wasnt the best,
But not bad either.
There are bugs to work out,
Tech hiccups to be accepted,
Most importantly,
Another step towards normalcy.

“Everyone is going to be annoyed at first,” said the journeyman.

He knew, school in a virtual setting, after a summer away,
Well, people were going to be pissed off.

As they say, “Better than being pissed on,”
Unless you like that kind of thing,
Which is outside of my comfort zone,
But let’s get back to the journeyman.

He knows, rightfully, that people don’t do great with change,
Especially something as stagnant as school,
Where heavy textbooks are still the norm,
Compliance, coercion, and control rival the ABCs, and
The day still resembles a time clock punching work shift.

“Everyone is going to be annoyed at first,” said the journeyman.

“Not just the kids, though,” answered the master of the shop.

He knew, teaching in a virtual setting, after a career of pen and paper,
We’ll, it was quite and adjustment.

As they say, “Don’t be a dinosaur,”
Meaning, “change or die,”
Which is inside my comfort zone,
As I am the master of this shop.

I know, rightfully, that change can be a shock,
Especially in something as institutionalized as school,
Where the routine steals a soul,
Laziness, avoidance, and blame rival strong work ethics and
The day looks like whatever level of acceptance a person places on it.

“Not everyone has to be,” said the master of the shop.

“It will be what we make of it. Make it better.”


Opinions silent
Makes awful become routine.
Boring is allowed.


Gimmicks make a show
Learning is about hardwork
T.V. is T.V.


Let an idea grow
Stop chasing technology
It’s time to reboot


Even with COVID
Education never stops
Learning is the way


Life requires effort
All habits require tending
Practice mindfulness


Keep finding nuggets
Even outside of buildings
To learn is to live