Waffle iron burns to the brain
Seared synapses from too much cannabis
A health topic so confusing
The lectures boarder on Schedule 1.

Who knows for sure
If they are doing any good,
These cannabinoid bits of knowledge,
To most of the students,
The lectures barely backed up with science.

The marks left from discussing marijuana
Burn away at the hyperbole from my education
Where we all know the truth,
But we also know the reality,
These lectures better be potent.

Perspectives: 254/365

Tony Weaver (Baseball Coach)

I just want to coach,
Throw some BP,
Make some lineups.

I’m not interested in feedback,
Traveling to Georgia.

I want kids who want to take BP,
Score runs,
Have fun on our bus.

This is getting to be too much.

Perspectives: 239/365

Nicole Shaw (Art Student)

Ms. Nichols knows,
She kind of let me know she does,
But she’s cool,
A real teacher,
Who sees beauty in life,
Success in the process,
And interpretation as responsible.

She knows what we are doing is wrong,
Interfering the way that we are with education,
But she knows what we are doing is right,
For often it is the artists who must point out injustice.

If I get caught,
I’ll accept what happens,
But I’ll have some street cred, then,
Maybe that will be the best thing for me.

Perspectives: 166/365

Summer has a way of
Making things go away.
The beach, the fireworks,
The heat, each conspiring
To make for the best time of year.

This summer for Taylorville proved
The opposite. Everyone settled into
Their away from school
Modes, but
They were secretly scheming,

School begins again tomorrow
With the undercurrent
Of canning coaches,
Pedestaling music, and
Ducking responsibility the normal way of things.


A year ago, twenty-one,
The Brick, smoke and swill,
The perfect bar
To cement two feet in adulthood.
This year twenty-two,
I’m in the stands for your graduation
With your caffeine challenged sister
And a show boardering on an
Amusement park or Wal-Mart.
It’s great and your new degree,
Whatever it is,
Would serve you well for a farce
Or comedy of human fasion errors.

Congrats, son.
Welcome to unemployment.

Perspectives: 6/365

As the machine keeps going
What is there to look forward to?
The first day of school?

Maybe all of those,
But who really can live
Only looking towards the milestones of life.
They are bumps on life’s continuum
That are nothing more the tally marks
On prison walls.

What then?
Small town identities…
Of what,
For what,
Whosie what.

Schools offer sanctuaries
For souls needing identities.
Far beyond the academics
Are the social structures
Where kids find like minds
Testing the norms of friendships,
Creating the balance between group identities and stereotypes
Battling the war of tolerance and tribal acceptance,
Schools bring disparate people together
Letting them get to know that we are not so different
If only we see acceptance of our differences and
The need to learn how differences encourage growth,
That we are not some Internet logarithm,
Predictable, patterned, and programmable.

Schools are temples for learning.
Learning is necessary for growth.
Growth brings people together.

Small town schools are more than academic factories.
They are places where clubs allow for greater exposure
To stuff that might be more interesting
Than the latest standardized test
Or article proclaiming the rigorous machinations of education.
They are places were extracurricular activities like band and sports
Promote fellowship through accomplishments
Of a different sort than an A+ and GPAs can ever understand.

Schools are not factories or machines.
They are places with a heart,
If only the richness of the non-book stuff
Is viewed with a proper perspective.