A magnet,
My dog has the powers of attraction.
I watch from my pandemic perch at the dining room table
As my family walks into the room,
Each one drawn to the couch
By E’s tractor beam.
To his credit, he lets us in,
Scratching his chest,
Patting his ribs,
Talking the gibberish we all do,
And he always gives the obligatory kiss.

People could learn a lot from dogs.

This day, minus Zoom,
Was beautiful.
Bright sun, warming temperatures,
Lots of exercise,
A walk with my dog,
A good book about a man and his dog,
And hanging with my family,
Near and through the distance.

Rain and cold tomorrow.

Midweek blahs got interrupted
By daily afternoon dog barking
As my pit defending our territory
From the training wheel convoy
Of little kids outside.
Every day the little ones are out there
Parents spaced apart
Watching the rug rats ride circles
With their wobbly balance.
Every day my dog runs to the open door
Giving a menacing look and deep growl
Before he turns around,
Jumps on the couch,
Curls into a ball,
And forgets the whole thing until tomorrow.


My dog’s rib cage is the best
Not quite the shape of a potbellied stove
But round enough
To fit right in my hand when I’m petting him.
His snore is close to the best
Just a rasp,
A determined sound
Letting me know he is done for the day.

He’s done…