The culture of me
Where I’m the only one that matters,
The society of singularity
Where rules and policies are for others,

I don’t get it

I’m not going to do it that way
Because I really don’t feel like it,
You say I have to, well I won’t
I’ll just opt out and we can litigate later,

I don’t get it

Are there any rules?
Do policies matter?
Has the definition for standardization changed?
Was there ever such a thing?…

I don’t get it

So I’ll quit trying to understand
Now making life only about what I want, maybe
Going back to high school and telling Mr. Miller
What he could do with his loose leaf paper requirement

Because I didn’t get it

Until now
When it’s easier if there is a system
Where we all follow a similar way
To get us where we go

That I get

Stop being so individualistic people
You can conform without losing
Who you are
Really, you can.

Got it?