For those of you following along, you know last week I said that I would have to take leave of playing basketball because it was interfering with my marathon training. Well, guess what, the pull of the hoop is much stronger than I anticipated and I did almost no running. In terms of marathon training, I did nothing, but remember this marathon is about the process and finding the way to the finish line in terms of happiness, not grinding to get some unimportant goal.

Yada, yada, yada…

Sometimes life gets in the way and coaching is proving to be more exhausting than I thought. I like to get involved in practice and we barely take a break during our two-hour practice. I usually get involved for a few minutes and inevitably my calf will tighten up, but I’ve found a tolerance to the pain because I want to help these guys get better.

John Wayne, right?

The truth is last week was crazy. Besides the cranky calf, I got to experience the joys of fasting, drinking the prep, the agony after the prep, the midday nap from anesthesia, and the joy of a Monte Cristo with fries after the procedure. For those of you not following my code, I’m talking a colonoscopy. After the experience of the routine screening, I didn’t feel like doing much. The days of doing nothing but stuffing my face were good. I got to see my son play a gig here in town and dared my calf to tighten up in practice. Man, it was a good week.

But the training…

I’ve run ten marathons. I understand the volume of running that I need to do to make this thing survivable. My last marathon, I ran without training for the better part of a month because of a blown out hamstring that I hurt playing Ultimate. The epic nature and mythology of the whole marathon thing are lost on me because I’m not willing to die to finish the race. In that way, I don’t let running get in the way of life. There’s so much for us to do and all of it can be enjoyed so long as it’s all kept in perspective.

And I think that is why I have chosen to run for the Kennett YMCA. I know that my donation will help provide access to the Y for families who could not otherwise afford to use the Y. Getting kids and their families to understand that exercise has many benefits and that the benefits can be realized without pushing themselves into a relationship with the porcelain bowl I spent so much time with last week is important to me. Sure, there is a place for the high-intensity training, but it’s about knowing when. It’s about personal choice and perspective.

So with the pipes clean and more time to run, I’m about ready to see if the old gastrocnemius will hold up. There’s also a few days of basketball practice to make my running life teeter on the edge of unfortunate occurrences.

Thank you for reading about my little marathon journey. Remember, this is about finding purpose in the run. I also have a practical purpose of raising funds for charity. My charity is the Kennett Area YMCA. If you would like to donate to their fund the link is below. However, any charity could benefit from a donation, so if you want to donate somewhere else, I’d love that just as much.

Kennett Area YMCA Donations