Seasons end,
All the more enjoyable after a win
Especially when the other coaches
Played “games” with towels
And imaginary puddles of sweat.

Maybe you should have kept your timeouts.

Olympian, no doubt full of experience and talent,
Citius, Altius, Ignorance
There’s no reason to be arrogant
There’s more to a soul than gold
But you know that already.

Not much time for anything,
Coaching, it’s forever,
I suppose when the game doesn’t have a clock,
But being out there,
Helping these kids find the strike zone
Or the sweet spot on a bat
Can be a lot of fun.
So far, it is so.

Baseball starts tomorrow,
Lukewarm about it
Until about 4pm on Sunday.

It’s time to play ball,
Pop of the leather,
The crack of the bat

All that cliche stuff
That surrounds the game,
The nostalgia, the soul.

Kids say they hate baseball,
Basketball with a stick is the new thing,
That’s what they said about soccer.

It seems like it comes down to this,
Can you hit a baseball?
Because there is no feeling like it.

If you can’t hit, you’ll never know,
So fling your body around the field in pads and helmets,
Your skill good, but basketball at best.

One guy running free,
In hoops a ball hog, a cherry picker,
In lax, a superstar.

Look, I’ve got no hate for lacrosse,
It’s a beautiful game that is lost on me,
So stop trying to gain support by hating on baseball.

It’s unbecoming of an upstart sport…

I very nearly cried today.
I fought it back, but they knew.
You know how
That masculine code is, it came into play,
That place where emotion is okay
As long as it’s the ass-kicking
Domination kind, right?

Today was different,
We won our last game and
As we realized that this was it,
I got emotional,
Thinking of how much this TEAM
Carried me,
Just an awesome bunch of kids
Who understood what friendships are,
Who showed what hard work is,
Who were simply fun to be around,
Wins or loses,
Because each day, we played as a team and got better,
Just as we set out to do back in November.

I’m so thankful to have been a part of their growth,
Their spirit something that carried me forward, as well,
And I’m not ashamed to say
That they made me cry
For this is what I’ve always hoped for as a coach
To be part of team
Players, coaches, managers, and parents
Who got it,
That wins and losses are icing, playing time is but a number,
But relationships and improvement are the greatest tasting cake,

And I’ll take that slice every single time.

I wipe my eyes to you guys,
Team on three…

1, 2, 3…

Tony Weaver (Baseball Coach)

I just wanted to add,
That I’m an old ball coach,
Not believing in the shift,
Or that damned launch angle.

We will be washing cars
At the Dunkin
If anyone would like to support our trip
Down south
In March.