Oh the ecstasy
Of getting rid of stuff.
How great it feels

Letting go of that not necessary
Inspires a freshness of breath to
Navigate the routine stars of a workplace
Universe that
Spin nowhere in the hoarding of old ideas

Behold the professional inspiration
Exacted on a soul
As the housekeeping energy
Vies for a foothold
In the chi of
Soldiers trying to keep the good education vibe going

Put that trash out
Incinerating the weight of
Garbage acting as a security blanket.
Leave that stuff behind
Exploring newness with irreverence
Treasuring honey pot of space

Basement space swapping
With three slices of bacon
A Heresy snooty beverage
And some Jimmy Buffett setting the tone
The art tables with their dust mosaic
Are now folded away
The tubes of paint and their brushes
Stashed on a shelf
The dogs crate folded away
Since he just sleeps on the bed anyway
And two bikes ready for the mountains
And two riders somewhere out there who are ready
To adopt them

I’m surprised by the extra room…