One place open and transparent,
The other shrouded in secrecy,
Both pretty much about the same stuff,
One getting kudos,
The other, well, that’s too bad.

How in these times,
When the books have all been written,
Can management be so poor,
So unsure,
Borderline demur?

At least my stepson is back work,
His first day in eight weeks,
He got a quick training on new procedures,
Then a bit of a surprise,
Eight checks, they paid their staff all the way through.

At sixteen, he understands the loyalty,
The sacrifice it took to make that happen.
He’s learning so much more than those working
In the lock and key business
Where only Eric Arthur might be able to say.

No lightness can illuminate this mystery,
How professionals can bumble along to gracelessly,
Never communicating clearly,
Always over explaining, and and of late,
Disappearing from sight.

Better to open,
Larger, more confident dogs know,
This guardians of cowardice only need to look to the east,
Gain an example from their neighbors and
Get with the business of leading.

Bryan Dawson (Emily’s Husband, Mushroom Grower)

The family business paid for my college
I’m no shit kicker,
I know how this stuff really works.

We’re doing well,
Mushrooms are always wanted,
But I’m starting to wonder if we should switch crops

There’d be more money for the schools,
Maybe we could put up new bleachers,
Pay for some cool uniforms

Then some of those migrant students,
Not the ones whose parents work for me,
But the ones going off to Delaware would stay in Taylorville.

Thanks, Government
For getting us excited
About the prospects for our futures
By promising us jobs
Building your great F-108.


Thanks, Government
For pulling the plug
On our hopes and dreams
By making an economy move
And killing the F-108 contract.


Thanks, North American Aviation, Inc
For making us believe
We are one big airplane building family
Who will stick together
To make this company great!


Thanks, N-A-A, Inc
For turning your backs
On just two thousand of us initially
Sure we know more later, but at least we have
A little more time in the family.


May 8, 1945
V-E Day

The war machine was taking a hit,
Allies were closing out
The European Theater.

All that production…
All the ingenuity…
All those guaranteed contracts…

So they met
In a back room with purpose
To massage the market.

The end of the effort
Would cause a bit of bending
On the part of industry.

Makes me wonder what they
All died for…


Photo Credit: By Stars and Stripes – US-Army (Stars and Stripes) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Doing a little research
To better understand social issues
Related to AIDS

Not much makes sense

The rhetoric becoming gospel
The dogma becoming policy
The science becoming religion
The conspiracy becoming the vision

Not much makes sense

The egos get in the way
The politics get in the way
The return on investment gets in the way
The hype gets in the way

Now it makes sense

Big business


The quest to find a cure for HIV
Need not be hung up
In all this quasi sensibility
No special interests should reign supreme


When doctors need the credit
When politicians are inclined to put votes above evidence
When conglomerates bottom line public health
When dissidents muddy the waters unscientifically

Not much makes sense