A run
With plenty of spray,
Two parts grossed out,
One part just trotting along.

A hike
With plenty of sun,
Companions out for a walk
Sniffing all the smells.

A ride
On fat tires and potholed roads,
More of a fitness test
Than recreational endeavor.

A Sunday
Where there was time for napping,
Nascar, and golf,
Plus plenty of joking,
All there to fight off Monday…

Shallow breathing,
When I should be kicking a little harder,
The mind says go,
Legs counter with no.
So it is this morning
With the day ahead,
Lethargic being the way,
But it’s nothing to fear,
Tired is temporary,
Some good oats,
A bit of rest,
Perhaps a book tonight, and
With any luck a run in some snow tomorrow.
The energy is rising already!