Not much time for anything,
Coaching, it’s forever,
I suppose when the game doesn’t have a clock,
But being out there,
Helping these kids find the strike zone
Or the sweet spot on a bat
Can be a lot of fun.
So far, it is so.

Nesting dolls,
Smaller, but the same,
None stick out
Nine may as well be twenty
There’s analytics for you,
Kind of like Democrats this time,
Hopefully, they figure it out,
#1 is too much
And needs to be voted out,
Start banging that drum,
They’ve got to see the pitch coming
Knowing what it is before his loud mouth says it,
Then again, maybe, I’ll just watch baseball,
That stacks up better than all these candidates.

Baseball starts tomorrow,
Lukewarm about it
Until about 4pm on Sunday.

It’s time to play ball,
Pop of the leather,
The crack of the bat

All that cliche stuff
That surrounds the game,
The nostalgia, the soul.

Kids say they hate baseball,
Basketball with a stick is the new thing,
That’s what they said about soccer.

It seems like it comes down to this,
Can you hit a baseball?
Because there is no feeling like it.

If you can’t hit, you’ll never know,
So fling your body around the field in pads and helmets,
Your skill good, but basketball at best.

One guy running free,
In hoops a ball hog, a cherry picker,
In lax, a superstar.

Look, I’ve got no hate for lacrosse,
It’s a beautiful game that is lost on me,
So stop trying to gain support by hating on baseball.

It’s unbecoming of an upstart sport…

a time to get better,
a time to come together,
that time where we’re getting better,
that time where we’ve come together,

and it’s happening,
as it should,
keep working,
keep playing,
keep practicing.