When does neighborhood envy stop?
When does car comparing stop?
When does finger pointing stop?

When do cultural excuses become unacceptable?
When do bank accounts become irrelevant?
When do the drugs of choice become part of the story?

When does a community stand for itself?
When do people become proud of who they are?
When do parents teach their children those lessons?

When are individuals responsible?
When do outside influencers accept blame?
How are attitudes changed?

Today a group of Europeons
Came over to my daughter, pit bull, and me
With no fear at all.
They toted their Starbucks coffees
Along with huge smiles
And asked to pet my dog.

He ate it up.
So did they.

Then there were the “walk arounders”
Who, for whatever reason,
Chose to avoid the seventy pound ball of muscle
Quietly resting on my lap.

Resting on my lap.

I ate that up.
The sitting, not the walk arounds.

The shame is that my pit
Sat for over an hour without so much as a sigh.
Mini vans with other dogs,
Even the favored Golden Retriever,
Kept the barking and teeth flashing canines at bay.
But they’ll never make the news…

Thank goodness for my across the pond encounter.
Their attitude and kindness
Made for pleasant conversation
Without the drama and hyperbole
Usually associated with the American vision of pit bulls.

On the Way Home