So many people,
So many places,
Everyone out there reaching for it,
Whatever that is.

One woman,
Trekking across the country,
Single-minded in her focus
To run through a tunnel.

One man,
Over booked and hostage to time
Made a decision to bail,
To keep everything intact.

Three dudes,
Different in every way, but one,
Running the streets of Philly
With goals equally as different.

I can only speak for me,
But this group inspires,
Making the early morning workouts good,
Making Philly a lot more brotherly.

New challenges are ahead,
5Ks, triathlons, life
But the best thing about each
Is we never do them alone.

Thanks to all y’all.

Remember when Atlantic City
Was just a model for Monopoly.

Growing up down south to me
Atlantic City was commercials for Merv Griffin’s Resorts

They always came on the UHF channels
Or late at night during Hogan’s Heroes

Merv is gone and
Atlantic City is barely hanging on

The governor has been capping his bets there
Adding more restrictions to the struggling houses

Soon, he’ll be gone too
Destined to struggle for relevance in his self made political purgatory

He doubled down on another Atlantic City legend
The name synonymous with bravado and bankruptcy

Who has either gotten flushed out as a liar
Or played the ultimate con game on the Republican establishment

Those old grainy commercials for a booming shore town
With all that promise and hope have gone their way.

One night in high school
I was relaxing in bed
Thinking I was so cool in the dark
Listening to Springsteen
On my new Memorex tapes
A friend gave me
I kept replaying Atlantic City
With that haunting sound,
The vivid lyrics, and
An emotion of a town I’d never been to
Atlantic City was a symbol of an adventure into decadence
To this southern boy from a quite boring town
All I knew about the historic resort was what I saw
From the commercials promoting Merv’s place,
The Playboy palace, Miss America, or
Some guy named Trump

Last night I was winding down
After a day at school watching
Football on the television, its sound off
My iPod playing some cool tunes
When randomly Philadelphia and Atlantic City teamed
To break my mellow haze and
Allowing me to think of these two cities
I’ve come to call home
Over last twenty five years
Philly, oh Philly, will you ever get out of your way
Embracing a peacefulness that could lead to greatness
The attitude that projects a pugilistic strength
Is the weakness pushing racial discord and poverty
Onto the playing field
Leaving our major city minor league
AC the times are tough when the boom runs dry
Finally the gaming caught up with the casinos
So now it’s
Better parlay their loss into something positive or
Just like the rock and roll anthem
Harder times will be there for the singing