Neither Rory nor Allen could believe who they saw standing behind them. Before they could bring themselves to acknowledge the person standing there, they went through a fairly ridiculous process of rationalization. Since neither of them did drugs, this was more of shock induced delay tactic that moment of enlightenment.

“Have you ever done methamphetamine?” said Rory.

“No, but I knew I guy who did. He didn’t sleep for forty-eight hours,” said Allen.

“Hmm, this is nothing like that,” said Rory.

“How about you. Ever tried opium or heroin?” asked Allen.

“Nope, terrorists, HIV, and Bubbles scared me away from those. This is not really a downer, so I’m guessing he’s not here because we’re tripping on barbiturates.”

Allen added, “Yeah, I’m not into pills. Weed either. Remember how we had to tie that guy up with extension cords after he smoked marijuana?

“And to think he was my therapist. Go figure. Come to think of it, you and I really don’t mess with the hard stuff, wine, cider, Colorado Kool-Aid, that’s about it,” said Rory.

“How about that ice wine? I could go for that right now. Sweet and cold, ummm,” said Allen.

“I’m kind of craving a strong coffee from Philter, that kind that comes with a decanter and spoon. Strong and clean without the sugary after taste of Dunkin or Starbucks. I guess we’re stuck with these sodas and the clean desert air.”

Both Rory and Allen stared at their burritos unsure of whether they should look back to the guy behind them. Throughout this journey they had wondered what was up. There were too many bizarre events for there to not be a reason for each happening. Now with Soundgarden’s “Been Gone Too Long” blasting from the strip club across the street, Rory and Allen were faced with an opportunity to take another major step into the spiritual space tilt-a-whirl they were riding in.

“You know, Allen, that kid from high school who was a stub basketball player…”

“Richard Bothridge?”

“Yeah, him. He worked as a waiter and made a killing.”

Allen looked at Rory, “What’s the connection, dude?”

“I don’t know. How can that be any more obtuse than the scene behind us? The bearded goat is sitting at the feet of my brother,” said Rory.

“I know. I figured you could take the lead on this one,” said Allen.

“What do you make of this?” asked Rory.

“That it’s a damn good thing we don’t do drugs. Beyond that and I don’t know exactly what to do. I think you’re going to have to step up, though.”

“Like that time I challenged Bothridge to 1v1 during tryouts and lost. That was the worst day of basketball in my entire life.”

Allen went into motivation mode, “No, it’s more like when those dancing pigs kicked us out of their party. You stood up for yourself. Bring that strength.”

Rory turned to his brother and said, “What the hell did you do?”