Okay, son,
Since I’m not where you are
And telecommunications weren’t the right medium,
Let me put this out there for you to know.

You are entitled to nothing.
People with resources are entitled
To what those resources allow.
You have your own resources,
So go get what you can.

Stop bitching about others.
Stop waiting for someone to fix your problems.
Stop denying the opportunity to risk it all.
Go get what YOU can.

Burning anger leaves dirty smoke,
Your fires are fuming in the wrong place.
Your passion, your ideals, YOU
Are not someone else, YOU do not share their fate,
YOU are in control of what happens with YOU.

Put the ‘tude away,
Stop being jealous of the opportunities others have
And make your own destiny become a reality
Or don’t, just stop bitching about it.

For the energy you waste on others
Precludes you becoming the best you can be
Fame, fortune, enlightenment, or whatever.
Take your dirty ass fossil energy
And find a cleaner way.

Don’t exercise mad
Even for the right reason
Slam balls could care less

Swing the kettle bells
With anger or frustration
Pay with soft tissue

Adrenaline spite
Diffused with plyometrics
Strikes calmness harshly

Lesson for lifting…
Gravity courts nasty vibes
Chill with harmony