Poles will fall.
Wires will snap.
Power will go out, but
None of that matters
When you ain’t got a pot to piss in.

Or number two for that matter…

It’s that way this year,
Everything seems against us.
Little gnats here, swarms over there.
The end seems so far away.
Hopefully we make it.

I’m suggesting a shovel for the duece.

A couple of days in the mess
Brought a great deal of stress.
Wondering what of the PIAA
And whether they’ll convince the governor to let kids play.

Really, it’s been a difficult week,
Angry weather testing anyone who might be meek
With hurricanes and thunderstorms acting gruff,
I’ve decided that for 2020, I’ve had enough.

Four hours, no power, which is really nothing, I’d say,
My friend has been without electricity for nearly four days.
Hopefully this weekend will be calm, we could use a break
Because I don’t know how much more of this I can take.


The sun was supposed to shine,
My New Year’s mood was bright,
Only I was rocking shorts
As snow fell over the open fields
Inviting me for a run.

Goggins, the voice,
The profanity, the wisdom,
The honest understanding of human nature
Rang in my head and put me in that place,
The one where the excuses lack a toe hold,
The one where conviction seizes the moment
Where not is not allowed.

Just two days ago this run wrecked me
Taking every bit of energy in my legs,
In my motivation well
And using it to add to the fuel making these fields special.

The sun poked through for awhile,
I was deep in the woods,
Navigating roots and rocks,
Hashing it out with steep hills, and
Sidestepping mini bogs.

The invitation accepted,
The new year starting off well,
Confirmation of the Goggins ethos,
Excuse free exercise,
The best kind.