Perspectives: 139/365

Jerry Dean (Basketball, Eight Bars Parents)

Addressing the crowd:

Everyone, I am glad you are here today,
As I look around I see all the different groups,
Band kids,
It’s great that we are all here.

Way in the back,
I see parents, teachers, coaches, administrators
And I say to you,
“Have you all screwed things up enough?”
Go home,
We don’t want you here.
This is about us.
We will solve your problems.
You will reckon with us now.
We are not kids and we know we matter.

Taylorville students, we must take control of who we are,
We must let this community know that it’s not 1950,
It’s 2018 and we are ready for them to grow up.
We want stuff that we want,
Sometimes they can help us out,
But it’s time that they listen to us,
And it’s time that they feel our power.
We will change things with or without them.


My mother asked for something funny on the blog. This actually happened…

Enjoy, Mom…

Teaching health classes can be interesting. We talk about a great deal of personal “stuff” and this marking period is all about human sexuality. Today’s topic: What is sex? What is contraception?

Our discussion was all about preventing unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. We use an abstinence-plus model, so our discussion will eventually lead to a discussion of a variety of contraceptive methods. The students were categorizing a list of behaviors as to whether they believed each behavior was “sex” or “not sex.” The last three behaviors on the list were vaginal penetration, anal penetration, and oral penetration, each worded that way for a purpose beyond discussing here.

It is important for the story to know that I teach this class in another teacher’s classroom. Sometimes he stays in the room, but most of the time he leaves. Occasionally, he will forget something and come back to get it. He always apologizes or makes a comment about whatever we are talking about. Today was the best collision of his comments and our content as he never looked at the board to see what we were talking about.

Me: Is vaginal penetration sex?

Class: (Crickets)

The door opened and Mr. HaHa walked in.

Mr. HaHa: I’m sorry. I’ll be in and out fast.

Me: Hmmm, interesting.

Class: (Giggling)

Mr. HaHa: I must be the butt of some joke right now.

Me: Not yet, maybe in a minute…

Class: (Louder giggling)

Me: Is anal penetration sex?

Mr. HaHa: Oh, gosh.

Class: (Roaring)

Say what you will, this was funny. I know there are many attitudes about what should be taught in a health class with respect to these very personal behaviors, but this lesson had the right amount of levity to keep everything from getting too serious.

There you go, Mom…

Perspectives: 138/365

Max Brown (Flute, Music Friends of Sports)

People say I’m angry,
Too angry to be a flute player.
They say the flute is beautiful,
That the sound reminds them of spring,

I’m not angry,
I hate the flute,
It’s an ugly thing
That reminds me of coercion,
Wasted time,

Perspectives: 137/365

Cole Watts (Baseball, Eight Bars Parents)

It’s great that we are all here in the park,


I do feel bad for my coach.


Perspectives: 136/365

Rhonda Dean (Track, Eight Bars Parents)

I don’t get the fuss,
I run
I either win or
I lose.

My coach isn’t running,
He gives me pointers,
He pushes me to be better,
He yells and jokes.

They are losing it,
They are thinking it’s about them,
They don’t realize,
I like my coach.

Perspectives: 135/365

Blair Taylor (Drums, Music Friends of Sports Parents)

Give me Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit,
That’s what I want,
The power of that introduction,
Banging on the drums with rage, hope for change,
Sweat flying everywhere.

Music education?
I don’t know,
They don’t teach about Dave Grohl or Max Weinberg,
I doubt I’ll ever be marching on a football field,
Kicking on stage, though? 1-2-3-4…