Marathon Journal: For 2/14/17

My Old Running Haunts…

The last couple of days have been about letting go of the coaching laziness and getting back to the running routine. It’s tough making life changes and made more difficult by the “crud” that is going around. I’ve been mixing in running here and there, but the distances have been hampered by lungs that are still trying to get clear. I added some indoor cycling to the mix and I hope that the fitness will come back quickly.

Tonight, as I try to fight off the incredible hunger I have after a Rock-n-Roll ride, I got to ride around some of my old running roads. How did it ever happen? There is no way I ever ran the hills and fought through the funk of the mushroom industry. I guess age has something do with it. When I went through my first running boom, I was about 15 years younger. I’m sure a lot of my running energy was due to being young. I’d bet my recoveries were faster too. Then there is the lighter factor, all those microbrews and Pop-Tarts add up.

When I think about it, though, this time around is not that different than back then. I grinding minutes wherever I can. Sometimes I run the track, sometimes on a treadmill, and others I’m just cruising with my dog. I just go and that’s the best part, just like when I got to the point when I could handle hills and real mileage. Maybe tonight was not so much about an awe of my running past, but instead seeing a hill and waiting for the day when I run it like I used to.

Thank you for reading my blog. I am running this marathon of one to support the Kennett Area YMCA. If you would like to support the Y, I have provided the link to their site below. Since this about running for a charity of my choice, I think it awesome if you would prefer to donate somewhere else. In fact, I would love it…good for this journey’s spirit!

Donate to the Kennett YMCA!


Fickle weather,
Fair weather friends,
Birds of a feather,
It all gets so confusing.

Shorts one day, snow the next,
Top of the world to bottom of the barrel,
Yep, defensiveness escapes from us all.
It makes no sense.

Brutal temperatures coming.
Slowly getting back up again.
Biting lips, tongues, whatever.
Simple, I suppose.

Marathon Journal: For 2-9-17

And now I cough…

The last few days have been up and down. I nearly wrote roller coaster, but that was too cliche, so I settled for up and down. Cliche… Sunday began my battle with the previous week of work where our tiny office served as an incubator for whatever viral-respiratory thing is going around. Since there were only two days left in my basketball season I stayed in the germ-laden environment about forty-eight hours longer than I should have. Finally, Wednesday arrived and I hunkered down for some serious recuperation.

What I didn’t know was that there would be little rest, except for the two-hour nap I took after watching Rectify and listening to the pundits go round and round about the latest whatever is going on in Washington fiasco. I’ll just say this, “Both sides, GET IT TOGETHER!” Did I mention that the temperature was a balmy sixty-three degrees. That’s about fifteen to twenty degrees above normal and all I could muster was a short walk with my dog and some time sitting on the deck. Yesterday was the perfect day to run, warm, sunny, and no real commitments, although I was home from work.

So I slept…

The weather has changed dramatically today. There will probably be about four or five inches of snow on the ground by the time this storm goes through. Schools are closed and when I awoke, the pundits were still lamenting alternate facts, media shaming, executive lies, double talk, and whether the Knicks need an intervention. Since the school cancellation call woke me at five, I watched the heavy snow falling nearly from it’s beginning. I noshed on a bagel and rushed through the New York Times Mini-Crossword puzzle in near record time, but something came over me. I had to go for a run despite the medical advice to sit the next few days out. The doctor pushed hard for me to get a flu shot, but on her recommendation, I held firm. She talked of resting for about a week so there would be less of a chance for my cold to turn into something else. She took my insurance and co-pay quickly after I said, “No.”

And then I ran…

I layered up, found some gloves and a knit cap, and asked my dog if he wanted to go. Since he took about a minute to do his business earlier in the morning, I already knew the answer. Into the white out, I went. The flakes were being blown around by a steady wind that made them feel more like sleet than snow. The salt trucks and plows were out and they had turned the roads in my little neighborhood into a slushy mess. The sky was gray and for a second I thought, “This is not a good day to run.” Still, though, I kept going, slowly of course, and left my neighborhood for the next one “up the way.” I made it past the oil change place, then the Dunkin, past the home style food restaurant and the shuttered ice cream stand, around the loop in the next neighborhood, and finally, home.

It sure felt good. Since then the coughing has started. My lungs are saying to the illness that it’s time to go. I’m not at all bothered by the hack. I’ve got nowhere to go today. So maybe I’ll catch the next episode of Rectify and take another nap. Maybe I’ll even grade some papers. Maybe not…

Thank you for reading my blog. I am running this “marathon of one” to support the Kennett Area YMCA. If you would like to support the Y, I have provided the link to their site below. Since this about running for a charity of my choice, I think it would be awesome if you donated to the Kennett Area YMCA, if you have a cause close to your heart, by all means, use the spirit of this challenge to give to a charity or organization you are more comfortable with. I would love that…good for this journey’s spirit!

Donate to the Kennett YMCA

Sick Day

Sixty-three degrees today,
Five to eight inches of snow tomorrow,
My dog and I are sitting on the deck
In full denial of the weather,
Very presidential, huh?

I napped today
Under the inspiration of something viral
And totally ignoring the doctor’s plea
To get a flu shot.
Heck, I’m already sick. Why risk it?

The nap was crazy.
Soundscapes provided the soundtrack
To dreams that went Seinfeld
Giving me a line that I’m not sure of,
Something about labor past fifty and a massage.

Maybe the nap drew from Rectify,
Which I had watched prior to shutting down.
In it, a character was pregnant,
The older characters were dealing with moving on,
And the sister was about to make a relationship play.

The show was good fodder for sleep
With my sinuses full
And a cough that is thick and heavy,
But it’s good to know my spirits are still alive
These few months past fifty.

As the hours near for non-stop weather coverage,
There will be great anticipation in the house for a snow day,
But right now I’m sitting in a cool breeze
Listing to a far off hammer pounding away
Wishing this was year round weather.

It feels very Williamsburg.
Virginia, not New York.
Birds are chirping and feather thin clouds lace the sky.
Too bad it’s going to snow.
Too bad there’s no massage.

Fortunately, It Wasn’t a Press Briefing

Many months ago
I wrote a poem.
So what, right?

I use old newspapers
To get ideas
Sometimes commentating on history
With literary indifference.

Fact… Fiction… Poetry…

Anyway, this time
I got called out
For being wrong.

Turns out, very wrong.

So what to do?
Own it.
Correct it.

How I wish I hadn’t made the mistake.

So I’ll go on
Being better at checking details for accuracy,
Being true to the story,
And not putting down alternate facts.

Thanks, “A.”