(7) When? (1/7)

“Poetic facts lay their claims on us.” Jason Silva


She’s not supposed to see most of that.
Her eyes blindfolded to steer clear of the worst of us
So she can bring the beauty of justice
To groups who cannot bear the responsibility
Of love and reverence for all people.

Today, though, she is hamstrung
By a tide of hatred that seems unchecked by
Those who ran on her virtues and others who are
Bastardizing her ideals for their immoral wants,
A desire for purity that is more poisonous than the melting pot they shame.

When will Lady Justice have her way?
When will she be unshackled to do her job
Against all evil and not just that identified by the powerful few?
When will this hatred for one another pass away?


“An over commitment to the absurd.” Vince Vaughn

A light rain was falling
Gray sky brought weekend energies down
Lifting the appreciation for hours
With the idiot box.

Having lived through wrestling,
Sitcoms, OJ three or four times, Trumpnado, and shout tv,
I figured I could survive a few hours of mind bending pixel absorption
Under the peacefulness of a summer shower.

When I watch, I go for different,
Once that allowed for the Mesquite Country Rodeo,
Poker before the saturation, and Australian Rules Football.
I missed the variety of the Wide World of Sports.
I yearned for something sporting, a little novelty,
Not what I got.

Video game league?….

What do you even call it?
Cars were playing soccer or team handball
Like some kind of Tron meets Speed Racer.
There were video game athlete profiles,
Expert analysis from a color commentator and gaming legend.
When I woke from my daze after two rounds of this televised arcade competition
I felt sad for network executives.

Sad because they have too much time to fill.
Sad because the pace of sports cannot satisfy hyperkinetic minds.
Sad because I missed the old days when Saturday was college and Sunday was pro
With the rest of the week for going outside and playing.
That was before television took over.
That was before fantasy leagues.
That was when sports were desirable,
Now they are competing with video games for air time.

Time to get a book…

Do we still have those?…

(6) Scrollin’ (4/7)

“An over commitment to the absurd.” Vince Vaughn

Scroll…MSNBC-Trump 24/7
Scroll…The Sinner-“No one can figure out why in this murder mystery…”
Scroll…American Sniper (Who knew it was a show?)
Scroll…Hellboy (Oh boy…)
Scroll…Safe Haven (Dark secrets and romance…)
Scroll…Outdaughtered: Life with Quints-Extreme Quint Makeover (Huh?)
Scroll…Impractical Jokers-Swim Shady (Not funny…)
Scroll…Live From the PGA Championship (Tee off is Thursday guys…)
Scroll…Ultimate Frisbee (Done.)

Sometimes I miss only having three channels,
Although, watching those shows today,
They sucked too.

I can’t believe neither Tiny House Nation
Nor American Pickers
Are on.

(6) Cablin’ (3/7)

“An over commitment to the absurd.” Vince Vaughn

Sometime after Oz,
Not Dorothy’s Kansas,
Cable became the only way of watching television.
Sitcoms couldn’t do it,
Must see tv with laugh tracks and sanitized stories
Did nothing for me.

Oswald Penn was a shocker,
A prison drama that I couldn’t take my eyes away from,
Although, there was plenty to avert.
The Sopranos teased me, unlike Oz which seduced me,
Then came The Wire.

There’s too much to go into there,
Characters, plot, realism, social commentary,
The greatest show ever
Networks were exorcized and no Big 3 show has grabbed me again.

Absurd, I know, but I need the challenge of cable tv, but wait,
It’s waning too…
Now I’m lost because cable television with its debate news and sports talk
Is becoming a scream fest to see who can yell the loudest.
The saturation, hours and hours of the same show, is a forced binge watching
The producers have taken formulaic television to new levels of predictability,
A regression formula in my opinion.

So I stream, looking for nuggets on Neflix or YouTube,
They are there, but it’s getting harder to sort through the choices,
However, surfing the streams is much more fun
Than enduring the rest of muck.

(6) Sportin’ (2/7)

“An over commitment to the absurd.” Vince Vaughn

The middle years brought the sports hype,
Sports Illustrated,
“You are looking live at…”
Magic, Ralph, Julius
Nolan, JR, Ryne
Hockey? Nah.
The Cowboys ruled
(Don’t tell my parents, but I can’t stand them anymore.)

I knew all the players
High school phenoms,
College all-stars
All of them,
Less the hockey players, of course.

I thought amateurism was real,
That Americans were clean in the Olympics
That students were also athletes,
That NCAA was not a business,
That professionals played for the love of the game and
That they could be positive role models,
Since just by being who they are, they
Play a role in our lives.

Now, I watch the youngins
Copy their favorite athletes
Talking the talking,
Walking with swagger,
Investing in the gear, the sneakers, the fantasy leagues.

The sportin’ madness lives on…

(6) Wrasslin’ (1/7)

“An over commitment to the absurd.” Vince Vaughn

Third grade,
Saturday evening,
Black and white television
Three stations

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling
The Nature Boy,
Black Jack Mulligan,
Johnny Weaver,
Each with their pet moves
Each with the outrageous personalities
Each playing the part
In their own boisterous way.

Drama designed as good versus evil
Mockery over morals,
Bait to keep
A young boy watching.