Perspectives: 258/365

Brandi Rooney (Soccer Coach)

I talked to the players,
They think this whole thing is ridiculous,
They apologized, saying their protest
Was not about me,
But really about something more than soccer.

I get it,
But it still hurts.
On the other hand,
I enjoyed my free time,
Maybe I need to think about me more.

Perspectives: 257/365

Michael Dawson (Football, Eight Bar Parents)

Coach Bryant is bitter,
The season is lost,
Protests gobbled up the season.
He can’t understand how people
Don’t know how to be on a team,
He fails to understand,
Football teams are an “I”
Relative to the rest of society
And he’s putting that above everything else.

Perspectives: 256/365

Bill Bryant (Football Coach)

Years ago, I had a chance to coach in college,
The pay would have sucked as an assistant,
Recruiting would have been tough,
So I chose to stick with high school,
Teaching and coaching were enough to get by.

Now there are classes I have to take,
Sudden Cardiac Arrest,
Coaching Theory,
Child Abuse Prevention,
Opioid Abuse Prevention,
Head’s Up Technique, and
How to talk to parents.

Maybe they need classes, too,
Realistic Expectations,
Parenting Theory,
Child Abuse Prevention,
Opioid Abuse Prevention,
Head Out of the Sand Technique, and
How to talk to adults.

Time Moves Along

Rushing memories,
Fleeting emotions,
Songs of a cold basement,
Signs of the bad
And worse
Of times.

Rays of brightness
Slow a running mind with
Cooling thoughts and
Songs of enlightenment,
Signs of the most exciting
And frightening
Of times.

A brilliant dimness,
The perfect antidote
To the ups and downs,
A song of truth and love,
Signs of eternal commitment
And security
Within these times.

Perspectives: 255/265

Cole Watts (Baseball Player, Eight Bars Parents)

Coach Weaver is chill,
He loves baseball and wants everyone else
To feel the same way.

He figures the next level
Will find the players who are deserving,
He’s old school that way.

I just got my first Juul.
My health teacher hates these things.
My “Talk” followers love them.

Perspectives: 254/365

Tony Weaver (Baseball Coach)

I just want to coach,
Throw some BP,
Make some lineups.

I’m not interested in feedback,
Traveling to Georgia.

I want kids who want to take BP,
Score runs,
Have fun on our bus.

This is getting to be too much.

Perspectives: 253/365

Rhonda Dean (Track, Eight Bars Parents)

Coach Clay…

He doesn’t get it,
Track has always been a sport
Recognized for its passion and strength
We are protesting in the same way
Smith and Carlos
Did back in 1968.
They were raising awareness
Against those fighting to suppress human rights.

This is a smaller scale protest,
But our parents are abusing their powers,
Our administration is abusing its authority
For political gain,
We are exercising our rights to free speech.
He should understand that,
But then, again,
He is part of the power.

Perspectives: 252/365

Ashton Clay (Track Coach)

I’m a good coach,
I will ask the athletes what
They can do better.

I’ll ask them about commitment,
Loyalty, and
Their goals.

I’m not here for popularity,
This whole thing
Has got me thinking it’s time to move on.

Perspectives: 251/365

Jack Dean (Eight Bars Parent)

Nothing changes
Just because
There is some pressure.

These groups
Won’t back down.
I’ll be golfing.