The headline said,

“DA Says: Armed Teachers Not The Answer.”

I thought how hard it would be
To teach without arms.

Certainly, being armless would
Be different, but
Teachers teach and those without
Would figure it out.

Oh, it means giving guns to teachers…

Too literal, I suppose.

Perspectives: 73/365

Bill Bryant (Football Coach)

Aren’t we all in this together,
There’s a fight out there,
We are in it.
Each person does his part
And we’ll get through it all
As best we can.

Perspectives: 72/365

Tony Weaver (Baseball Coach)

A baseball player said that the ball gives all the feedback
A player will ever need.

I believe it so,
But this Eight Bars parent is full of himself,
He forgets that things get tougher as kids grow up,
The stakes are raised,
The game gets harder.

The ball is a truth teller.
At least one parent can’t handle honesty.

Perspectives: 71/365

Jerry Knight (Basketball Coach)

It’s funny, the track coach can point to numbers,
But I’m locked up by strategy and
The general knowledge of anyone who
Has picked a field of sixty-four.

I’d like to say eff-em,
But that wouldn’t go over so well.
Truth is, the objective numbers of Track don’t
Translate to kids that can’t make shots as well.

I want to win. I want kids moving to the next level.
I prefer parents let me be,
Even if that means they let me coach their kids hard.
I guess it’s not working that way.

Perspectives: 70/365

Riley Parsons (Reporter)

It seems like Mark Watts of the Eight Bars
Sam Brown of the Music Friends of Sports
The leaders of their groups.
Have to interview both of them.

Perspectives: 69/365

Ashton Clay (Track Coach)

Yo, I don’t have to worry about that stuff.

When a parent has a problem with me,
I hold up the time sheet or the throwing distances.

Then I show them their kid’s time.
They leave me alone after that.

Objectivity rules…

Perspectives: 68/365

Robert Woods (A Local Dude)

They don’t get paid enough
For what they deal with.
Parents have no idea what goes on at school
At practice,
On the fields and courts,
Or on-line.

I see it on the bus,
The kids who throw stuff out the window,
The ones who just stare absently,
The video game types,
And the ones who tease, play around with, or
Make fun of others.

I’m kind of like the janitor in The Breakfast Club,
But the bitch of it all
Is that many of the kids
Have just enough Eddie Haskell in them
To pull the wool over their parents’ eyes.
Maybe parents are just wearing horse blinders.

Coaches and teachers don’t want to put up with the bullshit,
A kid doesn’t do right, the coaches tell them,
Some yell,
Some curse,
Some get right in a kids face,
And there are just as many who don’t.

From my driver’s seat,
They don’t get paid enough
And I’m not talking money
Because money is not real currency
I’m talking about something more valuable,

Perspectives: 67/365

Ralph Higonbothem (Taylorville School Superintendent)

As if I didn’t already have enough on my plate,
Rising real estate taxes,
State levied accountability issues,
Seventy percent of the budget tied up in salary and benefits,
Employees fighting over lunches in the break room,
School security concerns,
I have a lot going on
Without worrying about parents hating coaches,
Music teachers hating parents who hate coaches,
And still no plan for bringing them together
Or what to do about the fight over a stolen lunch
In the office refrigerator.

Eight Bars, Music Friends of Sports, and hangry staff,
I’ve about had enough of this business,
This business of education.