Perspectives: 83/365

Mark Watts (Former Athlete, Eight Bars Member)

We believe:

Ath-e-letes deserve good coaches
My child and those of the unspeaking parents I represent,
Believe we have not gotten good coaches
At Taylorville High School.

As such we are pressuring the school district
To give a full accounting
Of the hiring processes for coaches,
The development of coaching competency,
The evaluation process of coaching,
The financial commitment of the district to sports-
And music-
Because we believe,
The money would be better spent there.

Our ath-e-letes deserve better,
Our tax commitment deserves better,
I played and I know what it takes,
This ain’t it.

That’s what we believe.

Perspectives: 82/365

Riley Parsons (Reporter)

I can’t wait,
This is a local scoop like no other.
Maybe after this story,
I’ll get to be on a Philly station,
Maybe a commentator on cable news,
All the way to big-time reporting,
Washington, Trump, or something important.

I can’t let these guys get over on me,
Create the controversy,
Bait them into saying something,
Asking them the tough questions
That leaves me nothing
But the sensationalistic rag material
I’ll use to leave this local gig.

Perspectives: 81/365

Bill Bryant (Football Coach)

That seems like a Hail Mary, Tony
Music and sports have been battling forever.
They never get enough time on the field,
They think they are smarter than us,
They have their own bus,
With their little friends of booster club.

I know we have boosters, too,
But it’s different,
We are the draw,
Imagine if the band played on Friday nights
And the football game was a fifteen-minute intermission,
Ha, who would come to that?

Perspectives: 80/365

Tony Weaver (Baseball Coach)

Maybe we should bunt,
People think bunting is dead,
That’s just why we should do it,
No one would expect us to lay one down.

I say we get with the music people,
We could go Survivor and forge an alliance,
They promote us, we promote them
It’s a win for our school.

Besides, we are in the same union.

Perspectives: 79/365

Martin Watson (Concerned Senior Citizen)

These schools are out of control,
The taxes to pay for everything is too much,
Why should I still be paying for all of this,
My kids have kids, I’ve done my part.

Music, art, sports, get rid of them
Save some money so taxes can go down.
Besides, no one cares about that stuff,
It’s a waste of time.

Perspectives: 78/365

Alannah Alvarado (Taylorville HS Principal)

As if there isn’t enough to deal with already,
Leaky roofs,
Who hasn’t voted for NHS,
There’s a lot of stuff going on here.

Besides, a bunch of our kids don’t do sports or music,
They are worried about learning the language,
About assimilating into a new culture,
About whether ICE will break its promise
To let them stay.

Someone else can deal with this sports issue
It rained last night and the ceilings are dripping,
Two students have run away,
One parent went over my head about her kid missing NHS,
And Latino students are scared to come to school.

Sports and music can wait.

Perspectives: 77/365

Meg Nichols (Art Teacher)

Don’t forget about us,
All this talk of music and sports,
And people aren’t paying attention to art.

We are vital.
We are important to learning.
We are in danger too.

Perspectives: 76/365

A Coaches Meeting

Worn out office chairs,
Institutional tile floors,
Peanut shells covering the grout…

Ashton Clay (Track Coach)

I can’t be a part of this,
My program is booming

Jerry Knight (Basketball Coach)

This about the whole program,
Not the seven or eight kids that you have that count.

Tony Weaver (Baseball Coach)

Yeah, this is about all of us
Aren’t we supposed to stick together?

Ashton Clay (Track Coach)

Where were you guys when I was struggling,
You were getting your gear and hogging the press.

Bill Bryant (Football Coach)

Is that why you started poaching our players?
Now you have one-hundred kids, we have nothing.

Brandi Rooney (Soccer Coach)

This isn’t about our teams,
It’s about respect and how we are treated.

Ashton Clay (Track Coach)

You’re right, I see what you mean.
I’m with you guys.

Perspectives: 75/365

Robert Woods (A Local Dude)

X’s and O’s,
Coaches do more than that.
Their success often a bit more
Than their experience on the battlefront,
Well, field, court, pitch, whatever.

I don’t want to be prone to exaggeration.

Parents, X’s and Y’s,
With children who contribute mightily
To the success of a coach or school.
Maybe they contribute more
To the egos of their parents.

Sorry, I’m exaggerating again.

Perspectives: 74/365

Brandi Rooney (Soccer Coach)

Sure there are issues,
Mine are usually more personal than professional,
Since I’m single, no kids, I get the looks,
I get the questioning glances,
You know, the ones that small towns
Are all too comfortable giving.

I hear that people think I’m a good coach,
But they are always wondering,
Is she?
Isn’t she?
Of course, she is, she plays soccer,
Look at her.

I block it out,
Helping the girls get better, play smarter,
We work hard,
Although, I wish they didn’t complain as much,
But that’s teenagers, right?
By the way, it doesn’t matter what I am.