New shows,
Old shows,
All the same shows.

New story,
Same story,
Just that one story.

Formula building,
Predictable and boring,
Must they all be the same?

At least hide the formula…

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Trail running enhances the soul, No doubt about it. Switchbacks, rights, lefts, No lines to follow, Rocks, roots, mud, All excuse making temptations, Offerings from the weak coming on strong That must be dealt with, Quads burning on descents, Glutes moaning on ascents, Doubt chattering all of the time. Attention focused, No time to dream, Feet up, Mouth shut, Running, bounding, parkour in nature. The best.

To curry favor,

Close to the vest,
Keep it there,
No need to say anything,
No need to conjure up some drama,
Some favor. All that is, is

How about sleep,
The ultimate restorative,
Hours of quiet,
Secure in the blankets,
Peaceful and warm.

Last night was one of those nights,
The lights went out and I followed closely,
No movement,
No dreams,

Even so, this morning is tough,
The grog is thick,
A foggy haze,
I should get back in bed, the warm spot is still there,
But work, what about work?

I wonder what the beard would do,
Not James Harden, he would ball,
But I’m talking Jesus,
How would he handle himself today?

Would He…
Dress in a costume and storm important buildings?
Carry a gun down the middle of the street shooting people?
Tear down doors and loot businesses?
Brag of grabbing women by their private parts?
Call for the assassination of politicians?
Create schemes to undermine people’s confidence in everything?

I doubt it.
“Man” does that,
“People” support that kind of “Man.”
I believe Jesus would be better than that.