Complacency Supports Relaxed Evenings: Monday

“The best art divides the audience.” Rick Rubin

I stood there today
After teaching my classes
How to think of consequences
For a decision to take action or let it all be.
I stood there under the banners
Of Indians, Red-Raiders, Warriors, and
My own hometown Blue Demons
As the best, fastest version of the Star Spangled Banner played.
I wrestled with thoughts of taking a knee
Because the truth is that the country needs a wake-up call.
It needs grassroots movements in compassion,
Civility, and a moral compass pointing due north.

We don’t need propaganda.
We don’t need a media blitz
Or a social media Stuka screaming vulgarities from the Avenue.
We don’t need rallies
That seems to have shed their linens
For suits, fitted caps, and an open-faced scourge of bigotry.
We don’t need that or them.
We don’t need his opinions.
We don’t need his policies ruining what is a great work in progress.

I looked around my gym
With these feelings of disgust of our nation’s leader and
Measuring my steps with such a small audience at our game.
I longed for the changing of the mascot posters,
I yearned for a return to manners, and I took a moment to pray
That the “land of the free and home of the brave”
Will rise above our Big Rocketman
So we can find OUR way.

In the end, I stood
Rationalizing my stance
As a belief in what this country should be…could be…
The reality is probably closer to me thinking
I could not handle the consequences
Of such a statement under the nurturing roof of this longstanding school.

Maybe this is just the place where
I should have been safe enough
To dissent.

Complacency Supports Relaxed Evenings: Sunday

Flags of the World

“The best art divides the audience.” Rick Rubin

The President has weighed in,
Pretty much shirking the bigger picture
Of what the Constitution and United States
Are all about.

He fails to understand those unpopular stances
Help make this grand experiment possible.
He thinks with the brushing of hair,
A little dribble of base language, and
A message totally seeped in propaganda
That free speech will be shut down.

No Mr. President, and with all due respect,
Your free speech is no more important
Than those who feel they are being wronged
By government persecution, by unsteady justice, or
As a result of abstract drawings meant to keep power
In the votes of people enabling the real motivations
Of people to protest.

How about you stick to building coalitions,
Reaching across the aisle to bring Congress together,
Draining the swamp as you promised
Instead of stocking it with the unethical, profit packing visionaries
You brought to your well-funded inauguration party.

Perhaps you could take a moment to understand the grander scale
Of the protests taking place, the voices that are raised in opposition
To inequality, economic injustice, and partisan bickering
That does more to foster the patriotic bloodletting
Than a knee or a t-shirt.
It’s the inaction of your administration and the ambivalent way
Your policies, family, and minions view the majority of the country
That has people kneeling and hoping for a Nixon like ending to this mess.

So please, Sir, do us all a favor,
Put your phone away,
Show whatever non-
Atlantic City,
Trump Air,
Trump University,
USFL business acumen you claimed to have,
Ignore the whims and wishes of your high priest-like donors, and
Do what’s best for our country.

Understanding the depth of protest might be a good place to start.



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Bewildered Eyes Hack: Hungry, Even Less Patience

“Comedy is, for the most part, just an obsession with injustice.” Whitney Cummings

He came to school without having breakfast
Lunch was late, more than half his school day over
Before the subsidized meal got passed his way
Records showed that he spent lots of time in the office
In the periods before he ate

Mmmm, Mmmm, not good.

She noshed all morning long
Biding time on sugary drinks and powdered confections
Until she could sit in gossip in the faculty room.
Her moods went up and down with the spikes in her blood
And he drove her crazy every morning

Hmmm, Hmmm, see a trend?

They butted heads during fasting and gluttony
Waging war with imbalance inside
That proved out of whack on the outside
Turning school into a battlefield that
Could have been avoided with nutritional diplomacy.

Bewildered Eyes Hack: Tired, No Patience

“Comedy is, for the most part, just an obsession with injustice.” Whitney Cummings

Long days, short nights
Working fitness angles, working all those hours
The lines start to appear
The bags get heavier
Then it all goes awry

A comment taken the wrong way
A look misinterpreted
Jokes marching over the line,
Missiles fly with interpersonal precision,
The hurt gets splattered all over an ego

Eyes go Lizzy, finding the weakest spot to chop
Hacking away with a non-verbal ax attack
That might have been avoided
With a little sleep, a little less screen time,
More peace and quiet.