What It All Means To Me (3)

Spaces open through
An ability to see
Life’s true abundance

What It Means To Me (2)

Touch a golden glow
Allow energy to course
Enlightenment comes

What It All Means To Me (1)

Each day, escape me
Accept the course of nature
Being one with both

Author’s Note: This week will end twenty-six weeks of writing about systems thinking… Thanks to The Fifth Discipline for kickstarting the fire so many years ago. 

The Challenges of Redesigning and Rethinking 3

Conscious theater
Attention to the details
Something different

The Challenges of Rethinking and Redesigning 2

Hustle and bustle
A quiet day in the sand
Which one is better

The Challenges of Redesigning and Rethinking


5145416997_c75e2c97db_bLemon meringue pie
London broil and grilled chicken
Not a diet day


Photo Credit: Jon Mountjoy via Google Images

Some Discipline Would Help

Trying to be a radical is tough
I’m not political junkie, nor
Do I have any spiritual absoluteness,
But I am getting older, love food and beverages, and
Wanting of better living habits.

I’m not the type to put it on others,
Too often I don’t stand up for myself,
Against myself,
Giving in to the temptation of cinnamon sugar
Or smooth beverages from around the region.

Perhaps the test is not cleaning plates,
Washing the palette, or
Absorbing into the coach.
Maybe this really about my transformation
Into an assertive person.

A person who knows
How to say no.
One who acts on the plans
So enthusiastically put together, but
Often hijacked by my radical approach, given where I live.

It will be one o’clock pm before I eat again
That’s the price for finishing the cinnamon sticks
The kids left while I was out.
Dumb, weak me,
All I had to do was throw them away
Instead of ignoring that change voice yelling in my ear.

Tough times ahead…

The Challenges of Sustaining Transformation 2

Keeping things going
Easy for a mind to say
A struggle for a soul

The Challenges of Sustaining Transformation

A mind sees ahead
A heart stays in the moment
Challenge number one

The Challenges of Initiating 3

toes free of laces
worn shoes, too soft for the feet
hard ground awaiting