Old Neighbor Tanka

Hot junction boxes
Plumbing leading to the sump
Some home improvements
Plants need that constant light source
Bongwater must go somewhere


***Evidently my old neighbor was something other than a chef… It’s good he’s gone.

Perspectives: 145/365

Robert Sato (Eddie Haskell Type)

Did you hear them,
They think they are some kind of

Ha, they can barely pay attention in class,
They never win,
They hit flat notes.

They can’t joke,
Unable to make fun of themselves,
And do they think anyone cares?

I hope this little protest
Comes up in class.
I’ll make them think differently.

Perspectives: 144/365

Nicole Shaw (Intellectual, Art Student)

My grandfather gave me this camera,
A Canon AE-1.
He said film is the best way to capture a moment,
He loved his darkroom and the grain of film.

I’m a fan of the old look of film,
But if he were alive today,
I don’t think my grandfather would have liked
Digital photography.

So today, I honor him by documenting this madness
Where adults are against adults,
Where students must choose between each other or
Even go against their parents.

I think I might be able
To make a project out of this
Lest they forget
School is more than sports and music.

Perspectives: 143/365

Kevin Palmer (Tech Kid)

They crack me up,
I will rule the world,
Not those ball chasing,
Horn blowing,

I write the code
That makes the whole thing work,
Their social media,
Their streaming music, yet
They don’t even know who I am.

Red Light Haiku

Sitting still with time
Hot air builds a stale presence
Moving changes things

Testing Tanka

Adolescent life
Talk of online sleepovers
“Digial life, dude”
I’m glad to be an old guy
Without Facebook’s tired trappings

Perspectives: 142/365

Marcello Martinez (DACA Student)

My parents work hard,
My mother is a custodian in school,
My father is a foreman for a landscaper.
She cleans up our messes in school,
He mows grass all day.

I’m going to Penn State,
Main Campus,
I’m going to be the first in my family
To graduate from college.
If Trump doesn’t get us first.

Sports and Band are not on my radar.

Perspectives: 141/365

Robert Sato (Eddie Haskell Type)

I don’t get it,
These kids are whining about sports and music.
Don’t they see how dumb they are,
Ooo, my coach yelled at me,
Ooo, band is better,
They’re both effed up.

I go to school and see who they all strut,
Band or jocks,
They don’t know how funny they are,
I can’t wait to get involved,
To throw shist in their process,
This is going to be so much fun.

Perspectives: 140/365

Michael Dawson (Football, Eight Bars Parents)

I line up across the other team,
We have the ball,
I know where I’m going,
I knock them out of my guy’s way.

This time it will be tougher.
My parents are the other team,
I’m not sure where I’m going,
But I’ll stick with my guys.