Giving Up


Winter has given up.
The colors have taken over,
Grasses are being mowed,
The deck can be used again.

Spring has won.
The spirit of life is renewed,
Days are long,
I’m putting the coats away.


Photo Credit: Nita via Pexels

Bright 5-3-1


Colors catapulted into active consciousness
Sun working overtime


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Bringing emotion
Charging forward with freshness
To get somewhere new
Makes the journey vigorous
And full of satisfaction


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Career Transitions


Lost satisfaction,
Many years have passed since then.
Branches are falling.


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A brush against your hip…

A stolen look at you eyes…

A helpless feeling at you ragging humor…


Gladly accepted…



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Present Moment


All rights reserved-Chris Hancock

Walking my dog this morning
I could see the buds on the tree fattening.
I could hear the birds singing.
I could feel the air reconciling the changing season.

We were in step
Heading down the road
Lost in the nothingness a spring walk
Ought to bring to a soul.

Crisp air, leaving warmth on the skin,
Thoughts on winter’s beauty and spring’s renewal
Allowing us to
Be in the moment.


We all listen,
Hearing stories of the day’s details
And the absolutes of life,
Hoping for a little fun.

We endure the chores,
The passionate pleas for help,
And the verbatim transcripts of what we once said,
Hoping for a little fun.

We are men,
Boyfriends, husbands, the ones bound by oaths
To be the there in sickness and health,
Who are so easily satisfied with just a little fun.

Either we are stupid,
Overly loyal, or desperate to a fault,
But it’s our optimism that carries us
Dreaming that just a little fun might come our way.



Getting over stuff
By doing the proper things
Brings redemption home
Insecurity bites hard
Humility is stronger.

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Midlife Haiku

Six pack in storage
Lungs not wanting any pain
A couch calls my name