From the Couch (#20)

A lazy Sunday
After another rigorous night
Of watching the Phillies play
Has sent me to the creature comforts
Padding this last day of Spring vacation
So far I’ve watched soccer
Marveling at the amount of action
Compared to the Fightens
Now the Flyers are doing their best
To prolong the inevitable
But unlike their baseball brothers
At least they appear to be trying
There’s even more to holding my attention
On Flea Market Flip
Than my Phils can muster

At least there are choices
For my entertainment sports crusade
When all else runs itself to a halt
Some kind of Law and Order
Will be my fallback

April 15, 1978 (#19)

April 15, 1978
Casey Kasem spun The Top 40
April 19, 2014
Reliving Casey’s countdown
Is a mixture of different feelings
About the past,
Getting older,
Today’s music,
And how great it is
Just being home drinking hot coffee
While bathing in an ambitious Spring morning sun

There have been standards
Jefferson Starship, Paul McCartney, Olivia with John
There have been fringe players
That I can’t remember
In fact, I always thought the Emotion song
Was the Bee Gees
Trivia, letters home, and plenty of anticipation for
The number one song

I remember listening to this show
On my clunky black box
With the broken antenna
That just couldn’t withstand
The housing it took from my Nerf basketball
I’m listening to these songs
Remembering when tunes
Were not so available
A few stations, maybe a 45 or an album
No streaming, no pods
My bones more resilient, my eyes less tired
I wonder how Casey would play today
Sporting some ridiculous bling
Speaking without his cool, calming voice
Playing drivel and making it sound magical

Too much thinking
Time to warm the coffee,
Turn off the brain,
Move with the sun,
And get back to the countdown

Ready for Heat (#18)

Buds are trying to emerge
Mowers are on the verge
Of cutting Spring’s start
And ending Winter’s scourge

But this day is starting gray
I haven’t enough words to say
How tired I am
With this cold way

By now sweat should flow
I should be out with cameras in tow
Taking pictures of nature
Without any hints of snow

So, “come on” to a new season
There really is no reason
To keep at this chilly time
For a little warmth would be so pleasin’

No Hurries (#17)

Lingering in the sunlight
For just a little longer
Always seems like a good idea
Sauntering through the shade
As slowly as possible
Makes just as much sense

The rush, the bustle
All of that hurrying around
Have lost their appeal
The quest to ace a test
The drive to hit an arbitrary benchmark
Have little to do
With health and happiness

Slow down.

Hillsborough (#16)

Watching a documentary
Where the spectacle of sport
Drew out the worst of the people
We are supposed to believe
Has my mind racing

When officials
To deny responsibility for
Security must be challenged

When businesses
For profits over safety
How about they
For their greed

The only way
For fairness and justice
Is for people to stick together
So the powerful
They are there for

Looking Back (#15)

These days of restoration
During the week of recess
Allow for a great deal of remembering
About what it was like as a rookie
Back in high school
When we were all arrogant students
Thinking the world bowed at our stoop
And all we had to do was study
Now we are adults with realism taut
Knowing the world is still for taking
But we realize it is much tougher
Than we ever thought
Gone are the times when we could slip under
The librarian’s quieting umbrella
Or claim a lack of understanding
For we were just upstarts
I look back on those days with an experienced vision
Still supple enough and full of verve
To get out there with enough velocity
That carries some of the old vim
Full of want while
Living in complacency’s wealth
Thankful for this extended weekend
And the memories of what once was

Cyber Losses (#14)

A poem written in haste
Saved quickly
Uploaded slowly
Deleted accidentally
So now I write
Hoping the last post wasn’t my
Two Roads,
Or Message
Maybe, though, if those guys lost something
To gain something
Then I’ll take the hit

Awake or Not (#13)

The vacation wake up routine
Is such a fragile thing
Some love a quiet start with coffee
Others the rollover and snooze
For an extra hour

I’ll take either
Just as long as that
Three hour nap
Goes as planned
This afternoon

Oh, Fall… (#12)

Dropped out of Winter
Right into the warmth
Of late Spring
With almost no chance
To get used to the heat

Dropped out of the complaining
Of the brutal winter
Right into the critical discussions
About the pace with which Kelvins are rising
Right on the our deck

Dropped into the foreshadowing of
Heading back to Summer swelter
With a lack of patience for the heat
A strong case of cabin fever
Left over from the last frigid season

Oh, Fall…

E-Train (#11)

A sprinter’s body
Muscled with power and grace
Charged with youth
Fully infused with just enough vigor
To go full tilt
For maybe thirty seconds

Our dog

His power undeniable
His love unquestionable
His reputation undeserved

This pit bull

Whose every muscle shows it’s definition
Whose emotions ooze sweetness
Just dashed about with a beautifully strong run
Now he is leaning against my wife
Eyes half closed, tail wagging, snout sniffing
Nearing a nap