After a month of poetry
Will I remember sentences
Or have the stamina
For writing stories


But this month
Has been great
A changing style
To match a changing season
Both stubbornly clinging
To the ways of the past
Both reluctantly succumbing
To a new groove now present
Both embracing change
And hopeful in its uncertainty

Maybe May
Will have another theme
Maybe not
But if the flowers arrive
With their fresh scents
Buzzing bees
And pollen aplenty
Let the month be as
As April

The word is out
On the un-closeted arrival
Of a professional athlete

How is this news?

I mean really
Haven’t we been around long enough
To know
All that matters is who you are

And in the NBA

Enough of these phobias
Rebounds are rebounds
Defense is defense
And the pick and roll
Has nothing to do with a private life

Hopefully we will learn
That NBA stands
For “No Bigots Allowed.”

There was a kid
Who stood real tall at the plate
And never even gave the bat a waggle
When I took the sign

His swing ended up
Launching the exact number of balls
Over the fence
That I threw his way

I never learned
But I did play a big role
In his D1 scholarship

Looking back
I should have been more careful
Nibbling on the edges
Or placing pitches way out of the zone
Never wanting to give in
Only got me into trouble

Channeling some Creedance
While reveling in my second (and third) Insanity
On the best day of the year so far

A morning of culture,
The community yard sale really
Brings them out,
Something like a mix
Of The Walking Dead and
Contestants from The Price Is Right.
The folks wander
Buying stuff on the cheap
Unaware of anyone else
Who might be expecting
To be a greater value
That old set of hinges from Mom-Mom’s attic

It’s the used shoes that get me
Too bayou to be on the rack
No fungus sold among us here

Lest I sound bitter
Understand the sale is worth
The price of admission
My hunt at the bazaar
More photographer
Safari trophy sniper
Where I’m hoping to take life
For what it’s worth

Only what I’m willing to pay

And I wasn’t born with a silver spoon
Nor is there a bad moon rising
So my walk around the flea ridden market
Left everything there
And the memories taken for free
Too bad I missed out on the flippable
Sewing machine base glass table conversion
It was cool, but not worth the risk
As I was on my own
Instead it was
So great that I heard the young husband catching
From his wife for
Going to Goodwill (some day…)
Instead of buying some space
The community yard sale
Their wares locked away
In a cluttered home
Their souls
Out there
For the entertainment value
That made me
The fortunate man

Pierre proclaimed today as an end
To winter
And I support his decision wholeheartedly
The sun is out
A gentle breeze is blowing
Blue subtlety shows through vibrant green
The NFL draft continues its slow pace
Proms are commencing
And I’m basking on my deck in warmth
That only Spring’s sun
Can deliver.
It’s wonderful today
Old 80s tunes
And hot dark roast coffee
Assisting Mother Nature
To take the tension out of my soul
As Mr. Robert makes the changing
Of seasons

The debate is lost
On the kids in my class
They don’t care about bullying
The insolence of trash talk
Or the sting of a well thrown ball
All they know is the fun
Of going Matrix
As a stinger flies by
Then giving a verbal jab
To the thrower of the miss
They understand the strategy of ganging up
On the last kid
Or the one who always gets them out


They love it
Sweat pouring off of them
Which rarely happens when we work out
With other sports or games
I asked if the game was too violent
Too insensitive
And if it should be banned

They dodged the questions
With a sarcastic laugh
And lined up for the next round
Ready to move
Ready to take risks
Ready to accept the consequences

Ready to have fun

Gump’s momma had it right

Life is pretty unpredictable

I started on a walk

With every intention of returning

To write an angry poem

Ready to skewer all that

Stuck in my craw today

The snide remarks and ….

Enough of that.

Instead what happened

Turned my better edge up

A former student stopped on the road

To show off his booming speakers

That nearly rattled the welds

Of his Blazer apart

He shared of his recent hunting trip to Texas

And the bounty of nuisance boar

He had bagged

Once he and I would have had that relationship

Where I would have been the pig

Maybe we’ve both grown up


An old guy pulled along side

To rag on my love of the Cowboys

His blood running deep with the blue from NY

We used to talk a lot

When we were both at the Y

Having moved on

It was so nice to fall right back into that old conversation

His coolness always brought out smiles from me

So after this day of too many

Ridiculous happenings at work

I was glad to not know what was coming

The shock of it

Most refreshing

On a really beautiful day


Those were some lean times in ’07
Standing in the kitchen with dinner
Taking the evening walk alone
Building the pyramid of pillows
For a solitary and stationary night of sleep

That fall was our renewal
When the changing colors of the leaves
And teasing chill of winter
Brought us together
In a suburban kind of way

All these years with all our baggage
And I can’t believe
How crazy you make me
From the challenge of the daily grind
To the depths of our love
It’s all great

I’m a better man than I was in ’07
Because of you
And the way you have opened my eyes,
My heart,
My world
I love your way
The toughness
The fragile side
The beautiful sides

I love it all.

The possibility of rain
May or may not
Be in the forecast
All I know
Is that a change is due

The chilly wind started
Around Halloween
Staying at the party
Like Jerry and Elaine
Out on the island
The winter never got harsh here
Just hung around with a great endurance
That won’t go away

I could use a warm sunny day
Without the wind or chill
Without the threat of rain
A simple Spring day
To do late April some justice