My friends are texting about gummies.
Yes, the kind that are supposed to help with pain,
I got some at a race last year,
They did t do much for me,
Not like the coffee cake I just had
Or the apple pie from up the way.
I’d put either up against CBD
For thei ability to distract anybody
From whatever ails their mentals.
So keep texting, y’all
There’s only have a pan of coffee cake left

A neophyte, a movie making virgin,
That’s how I went into this Masterclass.
All I really knew is that I like Spike Lee,
The angles,
The stories,
The Knicks passion,
Except I don’t like the Knicks,
But that’s not the point,
There is something about his “Joints”
That I love.

A neophyte, a movie making virgin,
That’s how I came out of his Masterclass.
All I really learned is that I am better because of Spike Lee,
His perspectives,
His wisdom,
His passion,
His style earned and unflinching,
And that is the point,
His “Joints” are something because he is something,
That’s it, right there.

I will probably never make a movie,
But what I learned might help me create something else,
Something that leaves others in awe
Like when I left the theater in Philly,
Stunned by what I had just seen
After Radio Raheem was brought down in Do the Right Thing.
Strength, soul, and a life of expectation
Are lessons learned in this class from a true master of film making.
The learning is there,
No what, dude?

Today was a little more than usual,
I made the mistake of going out,
Ran some errands,
Got a taste of freedom,
Standing in line,
Wearing a mask,
Looking through fogged glasses
Dreaming of how those who are most wanted
Must love being able to put on their protection
And walk anywhere without being recognized.
Then there was the ankle sprain,
Mild, but swelling, no biggie, but on the radar,
Kid drama from adults,
And major-minor surgery for my mom.
That was the shit-kicker,
I mean, who wants anyone having surgery,
Especially now.
Not to mention, governors in
Two commonwealths and two states say
I’m not allowed to drive there to help her.
Harbinger of things to come?
I dread so,
But none of this would be a problem
Without the virus, the plaque, or the running.
So coping skills were needed, I know,
I used my seventh grade Home Economics skills,
That would be Consumer Science to the youth of today,
To bake a cake.
And bake I did, whipping up some of Em’s Nutella cake,
In all of about ten total minutes
Which is good since I only made the Kool-Aid in Home Ec.
The cake, straight out of the microwave was banging,
Two-thirds of my house liked it,
Einstein, the pit bull, would have, but no chocolate for him.
So on this day, when I nearly cracked,
Em’s Nutella cake saved me at least until tomorrow.

Ole self-reliance,
That tried and true cliche
Explaining everything success is about,
All that.

I love when those on top,
The ones who have made it,
Especially when they came from nothing,
Make it seem
Like all it takes
Is believing in oneself,
Getting it done, personally getting it done.

I’ve got no argument on this one,
I get where I get because of what I put into it,
When I believe, I get farther,
When I’m shy or lack confidence, here’s where I’ll stay.
So that’s why I like hearing what they say,
Their blunt force reminder that their world is
“What you make of it.”

Keep making,
If for no one else, for yourself.

Binging Narcos,
If have that stuff is true,
The world is effed.

Wait, the other day,
Before cutting the cord,
I watched the major news creators.

According to what they said,
There’s a pretty good chance
Half that stuff is true.

So I’m going to believe
In the other half.
It’s much brighter.

Classic to contemporary,

One place to another,




I see it.

My truth.

You see it,



Memory’s weed,

Choking lungs, casting a smokescreen



From remembering



No, not the NFL draft,
Looking for opportunities,
Something to try,
To do,
To show,
Scanning the maps,
Looking at the times,
Accepting some challenges,
As suggested by the Canadian tri guy.
Can’t wait.

Truth is we can’t quit,
Can’t be stupid, either,
But gusto isn’t built watching others,
That’s the way I see it,
Sometimes imagining
What two runners in my hood see
As they run day after day
Both new to the pursuit
Both keeping everything in sight
Their pace, their commitment, their goals.

I want their vision,
Clear, sharp, unrestricted
Finding the dime on the floor,
See possibility in all of this madness
So it’s off to the races,
These little segments that others have blazed
That I’ll test myself against
Just to see what I can do
If I keep getting at it.