Those days,
The ones that rock,
The ones that roll,
The ones like today,
Where exercise was good,
Where work should have been exorcised,
Where stories collided with real life,
This day,
When news of Starkey ran into a coincidental conversation,
When educational training sighted active shooter protocol,
When fallacy met with phallic inadequacy,
And I think I was sexually harassed.
Women told me
That’s a normal thing for them,
If so, that sucks,
Not trying to be funny,
It does,
Much like that portion of my day,
After a Monster of the Midway lookalike
Ran smack into a dodgeball strategist,
Just before a well-meaning volunteer,
Got cracked by a rebar bending overly enthusiastic pseudo-victim.
Yes, one of those days,
Recovered from infamy
By a couple of beers and excellent hole in the wall tacos
With my daughter
Who brings an edge
That makes me proud,
The kind that put my disappointment in a colleagues closet expression of fantasy
In a perspective that allowed me to laugh,
Although, I feel a hashtag movement appropriate in my continued distant and
Professional relationship with the unwanted commentator.
So, as I write this at the end of the day,
I can look back with the perspective of some heavy suds
And allow my truth to flow,
Thank the good lord of education that summer vacation starts tomorrow.

I don’t think I could handle another one of these days.

The HR Momma is out there rocking away,
Not because she is old,
Broken down, or
Afraid of injury.

She’s out there rocking away
Because she can,
Loves the uncertainty, and
Wants the challenges to be real.

I’m sitting on my couch,
After an ocean of shrimp, Costanza style,
Two glasses of wine, a nap, the start of summer vacation,
And a bundle of peanut M&Ms.

Check that, I’m now rocking away,
Unwilling to accept the fifty minimum,
Unwanting of the bubbles in my gut,
So let these rocks squeeze that air out.

Thank you, HR Momma for your example.
I’ll get these rocks done today, and
I’ll stay on track
Just as you.

Rains fell in that biblical kind of way yesterday,
They cleared out just about the time
We all started to run this morning.

We kept a pace that was too fast,
I dropped back, alone, until the turn for five,
When my bud slowed and brought me along for seven.

We talked, walked, never balked,
It was the good kind of run that happens
When the pace is right and the company solid.

We mentioned emotions and mechanics,
How important they are in triathlons,
Really, in everything we do.

He and I recognized that part of the journey
Is so important, maybe even more so than,
The pace, the distance, the medals.

When we were done,
I felt alive, ready for more, and
With work what it is, today, I was off to lift.

I have a rule, never exercise angry,
That’s the ingredient for tension,
Tension is what gets me hurt.

I got to work and hit the weights,
No distractions, no waiting for equipment,
My music, it was heaven.

Until the crush of gossip information
Entered the sanctity of the glorious grind.
Someone shared “compensation” information with me.

Why should I care what others make?
Why does it matter how people act?
I’m only in control of me.

And I could feel myself losing a little control.
My heart rate went up a couple of zones,
Literally, orange if you’re counting.

The sets and reps got checked off.
An old shoulder injury reminded me that it might still be there,
But I didn’t care, anger is tough to undo. Anger will not be denied.

Guilt too, I suppose, as I talked shit to myself when I finished,
Why did you listen?
When will you grow up?

After a super cold shower, by choice, it’s supposed to help something,
The anger was broken, a new realization was upon me, and
A renewed sense of emotional and mechanical purpose had been inspired.

Listen… Don’t own…
Deadlifts rock!
I’m mostly all “growed” up.