Clouds are coming,
A storm is on the way.
Wind, rain, who knows what else.
Maybe it will blow all these ill winds away,
Take the virus to another place,
Relieve the racial tensions,
Let us all begin to heal from both.

Wouldn’t that be something,
A calm after the storm,
A reckoning with how to live with the virus,
A realization of how to live together.
Tonight, I’ll sleep in the coldest room in the house,
Smiling and hoping to see clearly after the storm
Works some good magic…hopefully…

Waking with a tight hip,
An unbending back, and
A lack of will to exercise
Put this day in sight of laziness.
Everything I could do to keep it there
Was done, although, some stretching did occur
And I walked on the beach far enough
To see a lifeguard going at it with a surfer dude,
Who must have been about forty-five.
The leftover tacos, the hard boiled eggs,
The broiled crab cakes, the cherry water ice,
Man, that was something today.
Even managed to squeeze in a nap before the beach and
A nap at the beach, snooze, sun, snooze…awesome…
Maybe that’s why my mini-golf game was a little off.

Ah, vacation…

After a day where hypocrisy got taken to new levels,
Not only from my mouth,
But those not saying anything about insensitivities expressed
By just about everyone who lives on this planet,
I decided to pull the pin on my vacation diet.

Here’s how it went,
Tacos for dinner, which doesn’t sound that bad,
Two soft, two hard, lots of beef and cheese,
A handful of melt in your mouth peanut candies,
And some animal crackers all washed down with green tea.

As my cynicism grew, I realized, I had not done enough,
So I went all out Aunt Kate or Aunt May,
Great aunts from Corbett and ate another dinner,
Which I’m not sure they did, but in this round
I chose dessert first, a habit of theirs.

A handful of those colorful candies,
A hefty chunk of peanut butter Jersey Shore fudge,
Had there been cherry soda and vanilla ice cream,
I would have done my old relatives right,
But the second dinner would simply be pizza.

A two-day old slice that was sitting in the back of the fridge
Gaining flavor and holding it well in the cold was the main course,
I washed the cheese slice down with some “legendary” soda water,
And waited for the sign that I had been satiated,
Finally, a burp was expressed and I began chain sneezing.

Listen, standards matter, behaviors matter, we all need to raise our bar
There are too many asking for too much without doing all they could,
I’m not pointing my food weary finger at any one group,
People need to get their acts together, with protest or power,
Accountability, for Presidents, for athletes, for me, or for you matters.

It’s amazing how good a few lunges and squats can feel,
Simple exertion to take the edge off of being lazy.
Not many, maybe just about ten of each does the trick,
Letting there be a sense of accomplishment, a moment of youth.

Of course, when that is preceded by a bonking run
The kind where heat and humidity crush a spirit
Only about eight tenths of a mile from home,
It’s no wonder the squats and lunges work their magic.

It’s those moments of failure that let the successes feel so good,
Nothing like a few easy calisthenics to get the blood flowing,
To set the mind to dreaming again about another run
Where an outcome is certain, success, failure, or denial.

A baby bunny, about the size of a lacrosse ball
Wandered the streets of a seaside community
Tearing at people’s hearts,
The do gooders, the save the Earth kinds,
Those with the moral inclination to help. Good folks, all.

The baby bunny, in its diminutive stature
Made it through the heat of the day,
Managed the traffic on Pleasure Avenue,
Survived a quick pass through the five hole of a pit bull,
And will live as long as nature means for it to go.

I wonder what we can learn from this bunny,
I’m not sure, but there must be something in all of this
That the bunny accepts and we cannot.