How do you continue to support him?

I didn’t capitalize it because he is just a man,
Worse though, for he only cares for himself.

How can you believe it him?

I sure the Capitol will never be a place of honor
For the one social media allowed to grow.

How do we heal after him?

Supporters lose your red hats,
They are symbols of hate, now, also Anti-American.

How has it come to this?

The big person,
Moves, stereotypes, expectations, or
Lack thereof,
How unfair is that?

The little person,
Moves, stereotypes, expectations, or
Lack thereof,
How unfair is that.

I’m starting to think adjectives are a nuisance,
Descriptors diabolical,
Categories creations of misery,
And how unfair is that,

Taking away words,
Making them weapons of hurt,
Tools to dismantle us.
It’s just not right.

Yet, I know it’s not the word,
It’s the user, no matter the cause,
Their words are subject to interpretation,
Hopefully, not used for subjugation.

Be kind, everyone.
Use adjectives wisely,
Not to marginalize, not to antagonize,
Only to describe.

On a day when life restarted,
I noticed the light in my office shower
Burned out.
I noticed this indistinct happening
Just two weeks after learning
My old colleague, the man who once held the office, had died.

I’m not going to tell maintenance,
Wouldn’t it be cool if it came back on without their help?

On this same day, I sat with my annoyed dog,
His annoyance directed my way since I was working all day.
Moby took over Pandora and I thought of my running friends
Who have been gone for far too long.
I want to run with them again,
But I’m too scared.

Overly cautious?
Could be…
I’m not going to risk it
It’ll be cool when we finally get back together.

The COVID conundrum,
Be a part of things or isolate,
Truth is both answers are correct,
It’s about individuals making choices,
Choices that are the best for themselves

And best for everyone.

As the holidays are ending,
School sports are starting,
Many are wondering what to do.
Have no doubt, do what’s best,
Best for us all.

Two Swiss Cake packs,
The craving was too much,
I fought it hard for two days,
But it’s Saturday, a common cheat day.

Before that…

Three eggs, scrambled,
Cheese, pepper, and hot sauce,
Only because the pan was hot and eggs were out,
Kind of like a dinner,


I ate early,
Like 3:30 early when I went vegan meat stuff
And housed three tacos, again, cheese and hot sauce,
Because I was starving,


The oatmeal, avocado, vanilla protein almond milk shake
Did not take after the workout.
I’ve heard not to drink my calories,
But this was delicious and I was ravenous,


Working out
On a bagel with honey and cinnamon,
Washed down with tasty home cold brew sumatra,
Didn’t have the staying power to settle my hunger.

Back at it tomorrow…

How about? We’re finally through the last year. Enough has been said about 2020, so there isn’t a good reason to rehash all of the turmoil dropped on the Earth last year. Whether it was COVID, racism in all its permutations, or the never ending political rancor here in the United States, we all had a bunch to deal with.

This year, let’s work on some things. Maybe it really comes down to one thing.


We can be more responsible in our efforts to prevent the spread of COVID. We can finally start treating all people, regardless of whatever category that is different than us, with the respect we want for ourselves. We can all understand that political parties can not survive on extremes, a win only mentality, or obstructionist governing.

Maybe if we all commit to making 2021 better for everyone by thinking about how the decisions we are making and the actions we are taking play a role in impact of society as a whole, just maybe 2021 will be better. COVID will be around. Racism will have to be dealt with. Politicians and voters will still have to learn to meet in the middle.

Be well, y’all.