Perspectives: 16/365

Emily Dawson (Working Mother)

My job is not my life
School is not my kids’ life either
It’s something they do,
Something necessary,
But in the end,
What do any of us remember about high school,
College for that matter,
We do all that time in school,
And go to work.

I’ve never written a paper for work,
I’ve never had lunch detention
For laughing at my friend’s joke,
I’ve never had a boss threaten me
With bad grades or an awful future
If I don’t get my homework done.

My high school was awesome.
We loved being there mostly because of our friends,
Our sports were awesome,
We won everything,
Football, basketball, soccer, track, baseball,
It didn’t matter because we rocked.

I feel for my kids
Because their school is not like that.
They never win, so
The aggravation of all that other stuff,
Homework, grades, testing
Has no outlet, no release,
School is just work because of that.

Perspectives: 15/365

Amy Thomson (Yoga Studio Owner)

Only organic,
No nitrates or nitrites,
More meditation,
Simple supplements,
No contact sports,
Back seat for kids,
Sugar is a drug,
Yoga is a lifestyle,
Exercise must fit with yoga
The world is a dangerous place

Stay away from me if you disagree,
Some think that I’m angry in my passion,
I know that my way is most healthy
And everything else
Is killing you.

Schools are stress factories.
They breed germs,
The testing makes no sense,
The homework is wearing the kids out,
The lunches are inedible.
The sports are dangerous.

The arts are it.
PE could be better.

Perspectives: 14/365

Grace Watts (School Aide)

They have it so well,
The teachers.
They get to work and have benefits,
But they don’t do nearly as much as I do.

I cover Study Hall,
Try that everyday, hundreds of kids screaming,
Sitting where they are not supposed to, and
Leaving trash everywhere.

The teachers live a life of luxury,
Vacations, contracts, and a pension.
I see what goes on here
And if the public knew, heads would roll.

I tell my husband all the time
That he should have been a teacher
Instead of a construction worker.
He’s too dumb to understand. He takes care of us, though.

I would have been a teacher
If it wasn’t for marrying him.
I stayed home to raise the kids,
Then took this on to help pay some bills.

They’re in high school now,
Not in Taylorville, across the way in the United School District.
It’s better there, the teachers are good,
I guess, I don’t really know since I’m not there.

Here, though, it’s like I tell my husband,
These teachers have no control.
And the kids,
I can’t believe they’re allowed in school.

Perspectives: 13/365

The Haiku Heroines

Grace Watts

He really said that
Can you believe my husband,
That’s how my life is.

Amy Thomson

Seat belts and sunscreen
Protection for all our kids,
That’s how my life is.

Emily Dawson

Eight hours working
Go home for my second shift,
That’s how my life is.

Angela Dean

I get bored sometimes
But I would rather not work,
That’s how my life is.

Perspectives: 12/365

Robert Woods (A Local Dude)

The other day I was sitting in a cool coffee shop,
Ethiopian java flowed from a beaker
And I stirred it with a little spoon
To keep the flavor just right.

The window seats were open,
So I sat with my photography book, Ansel,
And read while watching the foot traffic
All turn into this very cool coffee shop.

A group of moms came in
Three went to order
With the fourth taking the seats
Behind me.

They were in prime eavesdropping distance,
Not that proximity mattered,
They were loud
Like they had just left a rock concert.

And they could talk,
The four of them were talking at once
Each involved in all of the conversations
As full participants.

They were unhappy, too.
Their husbands wanted sex too much,
Their jobs as moms were never ending,
Their nails were hideous.

There weren’t fans of the schools either.
Two were mad at teachers,
One hated her son’s coach,
And the other laughed as her kids were out of school

She didn’t like the district
When her kids were there either.
The general consensus being,
School is annoying.

Perspectives: 11/365

Robert Woods (A Local Dude)

I moved to Taylorville
Before the cool restaurants came in.
I just liked the old architecture,
How close it is to I-95.

I’ve stayed single,
I don’t want any children,
I like driving a bus, and
Have enough of everything that I need.

I go to the trendy Taylorville haunts
Listening to what is happening around town.
These people, who have so much,
Waste as much energy complaining about everything.

I love being an observer,
Hearing the gossip. Does anybody like anybody?
It’s hard to tell when they talk about schools.
There’s so much to report…