Prominent Features

A colleague starts talking about the XY reproductive system by saying,
“The penis is the most prominent feature of the male repro….”
There’s always a smattering of giggles,
A bit of embarrassment, and measurable nervousness.
Everyone survives.

While not the same,
And I’ve written about this before,
I’ve got my own “prominent features,”
Not to worry, though, this is not that sort of blog,
Other things that are me also stir up comments and discussions.

It’s white, not by choice, it’s the way that it has gone,
It’s thick, has multiple cow licks, and refuses to sit down nicely
My students comment that I must dye it,
My bald boss comments about his envy.

I shave it off and people feel the need to comment
I let it grow long and people feel the need to comment
I use gel and people feel free to comment,
I prefer to just let it go, but still, people feel like they need to weigh in.
Could we just make hats acceptable everywhere?

There are other things,
Comments about clothes, the perks of my job,
Lack of an accent, hint of an accent, full blown southern accent.
It’s tiring for a person who wants to be around people
Without a spotlight illuminating my presence.

That would make me the kid in class who chuckled to himself
When my colleague discusses the prominence of third legs.
I’d understand the humor, but not the need to get crazy with laughter,
Content to keep it all to myself, no judging or need to bug others,
In essence, not making a “prominence” of myself.

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