Loose Screws

Watching YouTube…again…
Do you ever find inspiration there?
Are you able to see things differently after watching?
Today was the good distance,
As in Beau Miles,
Who built a shed out of nothing but scraps stored for such a use,
Odd pieces of this and that,
Salvaged from grand projects abandoned long ago,
He got a shed built, only spending for fasteners.

I’m no carpenter, no matter what the geniuses at YouTube think,
And I’ve had an issue with too much gym stuff and not enough basement.
Several months ago, I built a “cabinet” and as the pandemic keeps up,
It’s been modified a few times. It just hasn’t gotten the job done.
Plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, and bands,
Pull-up stuff, collars, fat bells, and bags of sand,
There’s too much stuff for the under engineered box.
After the video, though, a light bulb went off,
Thinking got tipped, as did the box.

I couldn’t get my head around the bar storage,
Leaning them against the box made me nervous,
Resting them on the floor made a toe breaker for sure.
But with Beau’s charitable third eye, I saw a solution,
Without a blueprint description, the box got tipped on it’s side,
Bumpers screwed into the new top, and just like that,
The bars were off the floor.
There was enough scrap wood from past projects,
To make plenty of adjustments so the box could be more functional.

And to think it was all due to some mathematical mumbo jumbo
That put in on the proper channel, old Beau Miles,
Who sees the world in a different way,
A practical way, as a utilitarian.
I love that way, simple, using what I have,
For this box is getting the job done,
Turning my basement
Into a “box” of it’s own.
So long fitness centers…

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