Who Do You Allow You To Be

Traveling the YouTube highway is something,
For me, well, I’m defined by fitness and architecture,
The math stereotyping me as a jock-builder,
Every now and then i like to eff with the algorithm,
A random drive through music videos or spoken word,
I imagine a computer program seizing up,
The spinning wheel of computer death hitting their screens,
Smoke escaping their heads like Tom the cartoon cat
When Jerry escaped the feline’s trap.

I’ll ride the new offerings for awhile,
Amused by the thoughtfulness of mathematical charity,
But I won’t be defined by man or machine,
Succumbing to the thoughtlessness of categorization,
The fear of trying something new,
The laziness of accepting what others think of me.
An old friend used to say, “There are many ways to Philadelphia.”
So true, I’ll add, “There are many ways to who we are.”
Dare to find those roads.

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