February 9, 2021

Every coach has a game where the team cannot catch a break. It seems in those games that every call the referees make is going against the coach’s team. We just left one of those games. While it is easy to cast blame on the officiating, and I will be that simple in a moment, it’s just as easy to forget about the good things that happen.

Tonight, our very young team got a look at what it will be like to play without their senior leader. Due to foul trouble, on two phantom calls (I’ll be checking YouTube for confirmation), our girls had to grow up quickly. The change in the game was evident right away. Losing our steadying force, let things unravel quickly. We’ll grow from this loss.

As for the officiating… On one play, our girl shoved an opponent out of bounds. The official called traveling on the other team. A horrible call. At the end of the game the other coach walked by and and said, “I can tell you this now. That was my mom, dad, and uncle reffing tonight.” Even he knew it was bad.


  1. I used to get really heated, to the detriment of the kids and learned over the years it was better to remain a gentleman. Did I ever tell you about the time I made my entire baseball team sit on the field to protest an opposing runner who had run out of the baseline, 1st to 2nd, so dramatically that he ended up in right field, only to have the ump signal the runner safe sat 2nd? Those kids today – now 30+ years old, still talk about it 🙂 Peace

  2. Years ago I coached both boys in-house basketball and 8th grade girls travel. 23/0 (plus All-Star team victory), and 0/23, respectively. Seriously. The thrill of victory, the agony (and the humbling) of defeat. In the boy’s league, once had an opposing player’s uncle reffing a game where he called a foot-foul on an in-bounds pass in the final seconds of play – the only foot-foul ever to be called in the league’s history, as far as any of us could recall. Ultimately of no consequence in the outcome of our win, but still…

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