From TIme to Time

While most of my running friends were out running,
I was back at home,
Sound asleep, dog curled in a pit bull ball, and
Both of us, happy as could be.

Even with the times changing, those longer days,
I’m pretty much a dark to dark dude,
Waking with night still in charge,
Leaving work when the daylight is giving way.

In that time, like so many in the world,
I’ve been talking to a computer screen,
Unsure of who I’m talking to
As it seems that there are rules against turning cameras on.

On these Saturday mornings when time is my partner,
We collaborate to waste the most productive part of the day,
All the while smiling to the sleep bank without wondering
Whether the hills out there have gotten any flatter.

There will be a day when the weekend sun comes up early enough,
Right now, though, I feel like it’s better to enjoy the nod.
Tomorrow is snow, only a quick five inches, or so,
Do I get up for that weekly five miler? No.

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