Wagging a Finger at Us

Formed by experiences,
Molded by surroundings,
Disjointed as either are.

We get to know by doing,
We probably pre-judge those around us,
Disjointed as they are from our reality,

Which I’m not sure exists, reality that is,
For how could anything be real
When we can’t agree on what is,
What the facts are,
How we should act in private or public,
What constitutes this,
What makes for that,
What god is real and which gods are not?

This morning’s perceptions,
Intoxicating, more revealing or more transforming,
Time-based intervals, working and resting,
Seeking to find how much can be done,
How resting can still be an exercise in productivity,
U2 sending those magnificent sounds over accepting nerves,
Eyes open to the new ideas, new projects, old thoughts:

The ridiculousness of categories, subjugations, efforts to control,
The blind spot we have in thinking that utopia is out there
For that wish, that hope, that dream may move us along,
But we cannot get there, Heaven, Valhalla, Jannah
When we think everyone else is wrong.

The same is said when believing others are out to get us,
Prevailing power is about culture, right?
Nope, it’s about the power, not the culture,
A thought I wish I could help change,
The idea that we are all held down when we choose to be.

Maybe we can all change our perceptions,
Open our minds and hearts to seeing the beauty in our experiences,
And challenge our surroundings that keep all of us down.

Look within,
Project positivity outward.
Stop talking and get on with the doing.
It’s time.

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