I Should Just Watch Benny Hill Reruns

I wish I didn’t have to read the show,
La Revolution, a period piece,
I should have listened more in college.

“You must study your vocabular-eee,”
My French professor would implore.
I was too young, too American…

But that was then and I’m tired of the normal stuff,
Sit-coms and ridiculous comedies,
I’ve crossed the line, going Ritz theater mode, foreign shows.

Here’s the premise,
A contagion, put out by a secret “manipulator,”
The world is in danger.

Right there, I’m in, it’s sinister, stylish, and
Reminds me of my pre-college youth
With a Tale of Two Cities, another one I sort of read.

So I started thinking about Crack, the drug,
The conspiracies around that,
The motivations of dealers, diplomats, and demigods

The ones who spread that drug for money, power, and fame
All the while refusing to care
For society at large, for people relying on them…for us…

I began wondering about corporate bailouts, HIV, weather forecasts.
Are they perpetrations, manipulations, or random occurrences?

Back to the show, the cliff hanger, when COVID conveniently crept to mind
All of these months, all of this inaction, all of this speculation
Brought these thoughts together.

What are we capable of?
Why are we so trusting?
When confusion and fear are not enough, do they need a little boost?

They? The power stations, the ones controlling it all,
When their reign starts to go
What will they do? How will they foster “trust?” Could they start a pandemic?

I know, a show is just a show?
I should not delve into conspiracies, they are a deep dive into paranoia.
Then again, chaos is king.

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