End of the Semester

Another day of hybrid,
What’s out there in the digital land?
Probably not defiance,
But more like, “This isn’t real school,”
The kind of resistance that comes with
A lack of accountability,
Clear expectations, or
Maybe, just the realization that some things, well,
They aren’t that important.

Things like educational minutes,
Exit tickets,
Anticipatory sets, domains,
Flex periods, and nearly every
Classroom innovation that there is.

An old professor once said to us,
“Nothing matters to me because I can accept any consequence.”
She was terminally ill, although she never told anyone,
But she had lived a life that way,
Never in fear, never wanting, never being pressured,
She had a long log of speeding tickets,
“I’ll just pay the fine…”
Her point was, that unless a person decides something is important,
It can’t be important.

Kind of Vergara, if you know what I mean.

This day of hybrid won’t be fun,
It’ll be a day of talking to screens,
A day of waiting for kids to check in,
Another day.

Have I become my professor?

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