By the time this poem posts,
It’s 12:02 everyday,
I will be fast asleep,
After twenty-four hours of modest endurance efforts.

To get out and test ourselves,
There is nothing better,
The test, it doesn’t matter much,
Just that it is hard, maybe even unthinkable.

I know today would not have happened for me,
Twenty-six (.2) miles spread out over 24-hours,
Without some serious support,
The kind that frames these ridiculous attempts.

Family, dealing with the stink, the unavailability,
Friends, offering encouragement, healthy skepticism,
My dog, who just looks and waits with his wagging tail,
But in this one, my daughter,

Who on her birthday accepted the challenge,
Talked just enough trash
Liked enough Strava posts, and kept at it throughout
To inspire me to keep going as well.

She and I need to set up a Zoom call with Beau,
His video putting the idea of this adventure in our heads,
I’d like to thank him for the pain in my calves and the chance
To do this craziness with a kindred spirit.

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