Tech Wizard

People say I’m decent with technology.
I can figure out the Schoology,
The YouTube TV,
The Spotify.
Regretfully, I must shatter their illusion.

Man, did I blow it today,
Settling in for some Hof,
Not Baywatch Hof, Wim, the Iceman
Different than Gervin,
I doubt Wim Hof can “finger roll.”

As the breaths flowed,
As I neared the second hold,
With my hands tingling and my brow starting to warm,
Damned if the phone didn’t ring,
Ring? How the eff did that happen? Who’s calling me now?

A friend.

I took the call,
Forsaking my breath work,
Denying that elusive release of endorphins
That paints my mind’s eye those fabulous colors,
That draws out the Dali in me allowing the stress to slide away.

We talked for awhile
And it was all good.
Laughter, sighing, mumbling, they’re all part of breath work, too.
It’s also nice to know work sucks for others,
That the summery air feels so good, and retirements are on the horizon.

Next time, though, “Do not disturb,” gets turned on.

Turns out, I’m just a tech apprentice.

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