That once every three or four years affirmative phrase
Goes through our school like…a…v…
Well it’s too soon to make those comparisons,


We were sitting in an empty classroom,
Except of course for the four of us,
Spread apart like a couple of Army guys fearing grenades when


A innocent converstation starter came out, as in the open,
And we tried to make sense of it in a non-military way,
Given the battle between hybrid heads and virtual va-neverminds

“Basic Educational Tactics”

Ah, a simple acronym for describing what is lost in school
Basic educational tactics, schooling, learning,
Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

Not all this other stuff,

Social work, lack of accountability, getting kids to turn their cameras on
We used to teach, now we coerce, cajole, and cater,
We are more like a failing business giving out deals than leaders in education.


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