Bring It.

The day started with spinning,
Not on a bike, but old school,
Tibetan style, with muscles loosening,
Breath waking up, and a mind made clear.

Treadmill time passed quickly,
Made better by a podcast
Where talk of accepting struggles as opportunities
Set the tone for a day of gratitude.

Then it was more “good” from the Seal,
Followed by a preacher sermonizing about struggle
And I knew I was in the midst of a collision,
Definitely, in store for a challenging day,

Thank you? Bueno? Amen?

School started as it always does,
Coffee and quick conversation,
Before two classes of virtual instruction,
A morning staring at a faceless class. (Thank you.)

The afternoon brought students sleeping,
Not just sleeping, but turning in with their cameras on,
Face buried in a pillow,
Night light on. (Bueno.)

Practice went well, the last of two,
The girls know it’s almost over,
Their attention for drills and conditioning gone,
Leaving scrimmaging as the saving grace. (Amen.)

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