How I’m Choosing To See These Times

Not too much of anything,
Just hanging out,
Enjoying the fall colors,
Watching the leaves fall,
Trying decide between shorts and sweats,
It’s about all there is, right now.

No, not interested in the political commentary,
I know what they’re about,
Bland sound bites with nothing to say,
Full of hubris and gall,
It’s like trying to decide between wrong and wrong,
That’s how I feel, right now.

A breeze just came,
You should see the leaves breaking away,
They float so easily to the ground,
Fast enough for their colors to blur a bit,
No passion, no resignation,
Only a peacefulness as they nestle on the ground.


  1. The power in this poem!!
    We don’t really realise that we do have a choice still what we can give our energy to in this trying times of social upheavals.
    Beautiful and so positive.
    Thank you.

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