Clans, Kingdoms, and Departments

First things first,
I know how to retrace an eight
So don’t put me in the oral spitoon’s club.

Now, cliche, strength in numbers,
Power with people and
The numbers are nearly there.

Some might need a gentle nudge,
Others subtle persuasion,
The ones not taking the offer
Can go the way of Clemenza
Figurativly speaking, of course.

Who will bring the clans together?
Who will unite the kingdoms against the Danes?
How about all of the departments?

Rabble needs raising,
Swamps need to be pissed on,
The sky is falling is fake news.

Just like the belief that the current structure protects us,
What is the alphabet organization even doing beyond collecting dues
Not Exactly Anything, nationally.
Locally, Keeping Evertyhing Apart by playing a collusion game
That is being run by the man,
The one we are supposed to be a check on.

Impotent, our organization is about as satisfying as stuffing
A marshmallow through a keyhole,
But you know I won’t pay them,
I’m tired of the rationalization that they negotiate on my behalf,


They are about them, keeping close to power,
To make it seem that they are noble, honorable, and worthy of a reach around.
My truth is that they are no better than the word of weebles
Whose words never speak honestly
Yet they never fall down.

That’s why I say the Covid induced solitary confinement is over,
That the man has overly administered its fickle position,
And maybe the wet noodles and apologists are ready to unite.

The energy is building.
Don’t be a dinosaur, change or die,
Which is already close, all that’s left,
Is to roll over.

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