Pain-Free Removal

They tell you to just rip off a Band-Aid.
Maybe that’s why I’ve never used them,
I’m not interested in ripping off my air hair
Or a nipple if I’m trying to prevent chaffing.
Did that once, only it was first aid tape
Because the Band-Aid wouldn’t stick
Might have been the worst shower I ever had,

So why can we rip off the people clinging to leadership positions,
Look, I get it, it’s hard making decisions,
But the worst leaders are the ones who pass the buck,
Distributed leadership, decentralized leadership, two terms
That mean, “I’m getting paid a lot to make it look like I doing,”
Doing what? Making an effing decision.
I can’t believe what I’m thinking.

I’ll never vote for the guy or anyone supporting him,
But is the orange one actually a decision maker?
Again, I’ve hated his whole term, think him to be unworthy of his office,
But man, he isn’t afraid.
At least so it seems.
Too bad he’s such a douche bag, super spreader, and separator of families,
I guess he stands for what he stands for.

No, I don’t respect him as a leader,
I’m still looking for one.
I know plenty of managers, a few who revel in the title educational leader,
And a couple who are proud to bully the local booster club,
But I don’t know anyone of power who leads,
No one I would want to storm the beaches with,
Oh well.

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